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8 Mistakes to Avoid When Meeting His Family

As relationship milestones go, meeting your beau’s parents is a major one. It’s a clear sign that the relationship has reached the next level. When he takes you to meet the folks, that probably means he thinks you’re a keeper.

First impressions last

Perhaps you feel a lot of pressure to make a good first impression, and so you should. If you want his parents to like you and accept you right from the start, it helps to put your best foot forward. But don’t worry about not putting a foot wrong. As long as you keep basic etiquette in mind, you should be fine.

Don’t do this when you meet his family

To help you prepare for the big meeting, here are a few tips to help you smooth things over. It’s not a comprehensive list, but it should help you out a bit.

Dress to impress

Well, not exactly. You need to impress the parents, not the boys at the club. Therefore, you should dress appropriately. Modesty would be more appropriate than showing lots of skin. You can dress up a bit if you’re having dinner at a restaurant, but dress comfortably but neatly if it’s dinner at their home.

Bring a gift

It always helps to bring something, especially if you’re invited to his family’s home. Keep it simple, a bottle of wine usually does the trick for a dinner invitation. Make sure you know how to follow the proper dinner table etiquette.

Put your phone away

Nothing turns people off as quickly as someone who is on their phone all the time. Turn your phone off, or put it on silent, and keep it in your handbag or pocket. Don’t leave it on the table, as if you’re expecting an urgent call. Unless you’re a doctor who’s on call, the people with you are more important than your phone.

Go easy on the alcohol

We know you’re nervous. This is a big thing, after all. But don’t drink as if it’s a girls’ night out. Keep the drinks to a minimum and keep your party-girl alter ego in her box.

Don’t be clingy

Yes, you love him, but there’s no need to show his parents just how much. Keep your hands off his thigh, and your tongue out of his throat. Public displays of affections won’t go down very well in front of his parents.

Offer some help

You will score a lot of brownie points if you help out in the kitchen, even if it’s simply fillip up the air fryer. But do ask if they need help first. You don’t want to come across as bossy.

Turn down your bubbly personality

Nothing is worse than if you dominate the conversation all the time. If you tend to talk a lot, now’s your chance to practice your listening skills. Let his family get to know you bit by bit, instead of all at once.

Share him with his family

Don’t hog your guy. They want to spend time with him, too. If he goes off to hang out with the boys, give him his space. That will also give other members of the family to get to know you one-on-one.