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8 “Healthy” Products That Actually Not so Healthy and Won’t Help You Lose Weight

We love the fact that people are more open to healthy foods! Unfortunately, there are certain products we consider to be healthy but they’re actually NOT!


Here are the 8 “healthy” products:

1. Energy Bars

Most energy bars are packed with sugars, eat an apple or a carrot instead.

2. Low-Fat Fruit Yogurt

People who like to lose weight love these yogurts but truth is-they’re filled with sugar. They’re good for people that have high cholesterol but they’re far from healthy.

3. Frozen Yogurt

Frozen yogurt is a true delicacy. Although it contains yogurt, it has the same amount of calories as any other ice cream.

4. Smoothie

When you mix several types of fruit to make yourself a smoothie, you might end up consuming more sugars than the average daily dose.

5. Cereals

Cereals are most people’s favorite breakfast but truth us they’re not so healthy. Don’t think that your pounds will magically disappear if you eat cereals every day.

6. Frozen Healthy Food

People who don’t have time to cook, often buy frozen, healthy foods that are easily prepared in the microwave. Stop buying these foods! They’re packed with additives.

7. Dried Fruits

Not all dried fruits contain sugar. You can freely eat prunes, raisins and dried apricot since they don’t contain any added sugars. Cut on the dry mango and dry berries.

What should eat: fresh fruits and vegetables, cooked meals and if you must buy ready meals, it should be the maximum of five ingredients.