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8 Hair Mistakes That Make You Look 10 Years Older

Stylists are giving advices to avoid these mistakes that can make you look older instead of youthful. Watch out for these 8 mistakes that you can easily avoid:

Mistake n.1 – Going all gray at once

Whether you’re letting your natural grey hair grow or you want to change your entire style and follow the trends, grey hair can indeed be live-changing for you. But, this is very risky, if your natural hair color has no grey or silver undertones and bases, this will make you look elderly. If it matches you good, you need to give a lot of attention to color correction and overall hair care. Shai Amiel of Capella Salon in L.A.’s Studio City tells that our hair may not be always suitable for grey tones, because it can lack elasticity or moisture, so it’s better to consult the stylist first about this kind of decision, and to get ready for a lot of hair care.

Mistake n.2 – You get weekly blow-outs

Getting your weekly hair style is becoming a must for us, especially if our stylists gives us much cheaper package. But, exposing your hair to heat like dryers, flat irons or curling irons isn’t healthy at all to our hair and we will eventually end up with dry and split ends, and the longer we do break damage to our hair the worse it gets. Shai Amiel says that repetitive heating your hair leads to thinner hair, easily breaking of the follicle and even entire strands break easily. Use deep conditioners and masks and avoid heat to your hair as much as you can.

Mistake n.3 – You have an all-one-length-cut

Having your hair straight-cut can “erase” the youthfulness of the hair and its natural movement. Layers can remove the heaviness of your hair that pulls the follicle down, so it can swing in balance. Blunt cuts give accent to the lines of your face, while layers give accent of the softness of the face.  Also, having your hair long and blunt cut will pull the follicle with time and that’s a risk of hair thinning.

Mistake n.4 – You have shelves full of styling products

If you use way too many styling products for your hair, you plan may be backfiring. Using too many chemicals for your hair no matter how important or good that may seem to you, will still leave your hair damaged. Not every product goes well with another, and mixing the products in your hair can give you less of results that you thought you may have. Use less, and use more natural products, or products that are already known to work wonders for the hair.

Mistake n.5 – You are very blonde

Your skin loses color with age, and the bleached (over-bleached) hair will lose its natural colors of the skin, leaving you with drained complexion. Instead of going full blonde, try adding more golden tones to a little bit darker blonde hair color, says New York City hairstylist Lisa Chiccine. Talk to your stylist about highlights and hair coloring, so they can help you stick to the blondes, but in a more youthful way.

Mistake n.6 – You have dried, fried ends

As you get older, your hair loses pigment and moisture, so it’s natural to have split, dead ends. Dried ends can also be a result of not using products for your hair, like oils and conditioners (again, don’t use too many!) or not giving up the irons and dryers. Don’t shampoo your hair every day, do a deep conditioning masks and trim your hair to look healthier.

Mistake n.7 – You have very dark hair color

Black hair color or other deep, dark hair color will enhance your shadows and dark lines of your face and this also means that dark hair will show your face lines, dark circles under the eyes and the pores. Giving yourself a new, lighter hair color (a bit) will help you to soften your look and magically erase the dark areas of the face.

Mistake n.8 – You keep your hair super-straight

Long, straight, sleek hairstyle will make your face look longer and slimmer. If you’re naturally curly or wavy, the tools that will lead you to straight hair will surely damage it. If you have naturally straight hair the stylists will suggest you to put mousse over the ends so it can give a bit of volume. If you blow-dry your hair, use a round brush to give yourself a soft curl at the ends of your hair, or use Velcro to add volume and softness to your beautiful straight hair.