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8 Disturbing Signs That Your Soul is Tired and It’s Not Your Body

When we go through a long period of emotional and mental exhaustion, our souls fall into deep rest. Sometimes people confuse it with depression because they have similar symptoms. The reason why this happens is because our soul needs time to heal. The soul might not be visible, but it’s extremely important and we need to treat it with the same seriousness as any other body damage. If we ignore the signs, it can lead to mental health issues, chronic anxiety and depression.

Here are the 8 signs that your soul is exhausted an your body needs an energy boost:

  1. You feel an aching sensation throughout your body. You can also experience stomachache, dizziness, blurred vision, tension and headaches.
  2. You often feel disoriented and fragmented because your body and mind are not synchronized.
  3. All your emotions are intensified and you feel extremely emotional. You often feel like your heart will explode out with love at one moment and then you cry your eyes out at the other.
  4. You feel lonely even when you’re among people. That feeling of loneliness doesn’t go away and you start questioning the people around you and who you can trust.
  5. You experience chronic anxiety and mild panic attacks.
  6. Your body feels extremely weak and every movement makes you exhausted.
  7. You often feel scared and uncertain about your future. Sometimes you feel so exhausted that you want to start a new life because there’s nothing left in your life that excites you.
  8. You have jealous, bitter and resentful thoughts about things happening around you.

If you feel some of these ways, you need to rest to heal your soul and body. Start doing your favorite things more often, and spend more time with people you love. Avoid negative thoughts and stop criticizing yourself. When you find the way to heal your soul and pay attention to your desires and needs, you can start eliminating the negative things in your life.