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8 Different Ways You Can Use Deodorant

Deodorant is essential for most people. It’s the thing that prevents sweating, unpleasant odor and it can be found in any woman’s bag. On the other hand, deodorant isn’t only good for controlling the unpleasant body smell, it has many other different purposes.

Here are the 8 surprising uses for deodorant:

1. Prevent sweat under your breasts

The how weather can cause many women to sweat under their breasts. To prevent this sweat from forming  which can be a perfect breeding ground for bacteria and viruses apply deodorant on the underside of your breasts in the morning.

2. Removes zits

Spray some deodorant spray on your zits and blackheads to purify your skin. You can also use a deodorant stick.

3. Prevent hair from sticking

Humid weather can make your hair fizzy and and sticking to your body. Sweat on your neck and forehead can make your hair look greasy and this is where deodorant come in handy. Rub some deodorant around your hairline and forget about this problem forever.

4. Avoid clothes discoloring

Sitting on a chair for a long time, can cause sweaty back and marks on your favorite clothing. Rub some deodorant on your back to prevent spots on your clothes.

5. Prevent feet from smelling

Feet contain 250.000 sweat glands, more sweat glands than any other body part. Spray your feet with some deodorant before putting on your shoes to prevent unpleasant odor.

6. Prevent blisters

Tight shoes can cause pain and unpleasant blisters. The moisture in your shoes can make things even worse. Spray some deodorant to avoid moisture and blisters.

7. Keeps sunglasses from sliding off

Rub some deodorant on your sunglasses to prevent them from sliding off.

8. Prevent razor burn

Shaving can cause ugly, red bumps and it’s because of razor burns. Apply some deodorant after shaving to prevent razor burn and to keep your skin smooth.