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8 Best Ski Destinations For This Holiday Season

A ski holiday is the perfect way to spend your winter break. Whether you’re a pro on the skis, or you’ve never tried it before, there’s something special about taking to the white powder slopes. The beauty, the location, and the pure adrenaline rush are all phenomenal contributors to the experience.

Of course, some ski destinations are better than others. Certain ski resorts cater to beginners, with plenty of beginner slopes and lots of training available. Others cater to thrill-seekers and pro-skiers, with steep mountainous slopes and phenomenal jumps.

Other factors that are important to look at are: the price and luxury of the resort itself, the atmosphere, the food, and the staff. We’ve taken everything into account and gathered the top destinations together. You can take this list of the best ski holidays for the entire family and decide on your next trip together.

1. Courchevel, France


Courchevel is a great ski destination for both beginners and advanced skiers. Our favourite thing about it is that the beginner’s slopes are right at the top of the mountain. So while you may only be training and doing light slopes, the views are still incredible.

White-capped mountains stretch off into the distance, and the white-powder snow is ideal all through the season.

There are three valleys to ski down here, so you can spend weeks exploring new slopes. There are also multiple ski resorts, so you can find the best to suit your budget and style – it’s always great to have options.

2. Meribel, France

Visit the largest ski area in the world. Meribel is exquisite, with wide-open spaces and some radical skiing. It’s very close to Courchevel, so you could tick off both if you’re in for a long ski season.

There are summits for every preference and every level. The area is famous for its excellent skiing and idyllic views. Spend the day on the slopes, and come home to your resort for some hot chocolate and a hearty meal.

3. St Anton, Austria


More suited to intermediate and expert skiers, St Anton offers some really beautiful skiing. It’s very demanding, but if you’ve got skills, you can really challenge yourself on this terrain.

The charming Austrian village of St Anton sits right in the Alps. There’s even a museum where you can learn more about the history of skiing.

If you go beyond the lifts and trek up to the very top of the mountain, you will feel like the king of the world, with everything falling away beneath you. And then, you ski down!

4. Aspen Mountain, United States

Across the pond, Aspen Mountain’s skiing is some of the best in the world. The mountain may not be as impressive as the Alps, but it packs a mean punch. It still takes years to explore all the pistes, and the views of the Colorado mountainscape are brilliant.

Aspen’s slopes are open to skiing from late November to April. There aren’t a lot of beginner pistes, so you may not want to go here if you’re still shaky. But once you have the hang of it, there’s so much to enjoy.

If you do want to learn, you can take snowboarding or skiing lessons with professionals. And feel free to bring the kids. The Aspen resorts have some fantastic childcare facilities, where they can learn and play.

5. Morzine, Switzerland


Ideal for beginners, Morzine has a great number of wide, gentle pistes that even children can enjoy. It’s not quite as adrenaline-fueling, but you’re guaranteed family fun and some genuinely enjoyable gentle skiing.

Morzine is also low-altitude. So while you won’t have the views over vast mountain stretches, the kids will feel a lot more comfortable. It’s definitely one of our favourite ski destinations for families.

6. Tignes, France

For groups who are looking for a good variety to suit everyone’s skill levels, Tignes is a fantastic option. There are both gentle and challenging slopes, and beautiful views for everyone.

Tignes has four villages sprawled across it, so you can spend a lot of your downtime exploring the area and enjoying the local culture and architecture. Not to mention the local food. Since there are four villages, you can easily find budget or luxury accommodation, if you’d prefer not to stay in a hotel.

If you’re after a long, steady snow season, Tignes has you covered. Its high altitude, with perfect conditions for that white-powder snow that makes for brilliant skiing.

7. Alta Badia, Italy


Alta Badia offers a very different mountainous landscape and some excellent skiing. You can explore the Dolomites – vast rocky cliffs jutting out from the snow – on skis and snowboards. The landscape is gorgeous, and the sun is usually shining, making for a very cheerful family ski holiday.

There are seldom any queues at the lifts, simply because the resort is so large and well-maintained. So, you won’t have to waste any time waiting. It’s a totally unspoiled environment, and one of the most beautiful in the world. Exploring it while zipping through the snow is an excellent way to experience Alta Badia.

The resort also has a fantastic snow park dedicated to snowboarders. So you don’t only have to stick to the skis.

8. Val D’Isere, France

Another fantastic ski destination for families is the French resort, Val D’Isere. There are plenty of activities both on and off the snow for all ages and interests. For the kids, there are ski schools, nurseries, and daycare – so they can have fun and stay safe while you try your hand at Val D’Isere’s many pistes.

The resort shares some of its slopes with Tignes – which are both very high altitude and snow-sure. With almost 90 lifts, and hundreds of kilometres of pistes well-suited to intermediate skiers, you won’t run out of space.

Beginners don’t have quite as many options. However, there are free nursery slopes. So while you’re learning, you don’t have to pay. The ski schools are also world-class.

Final Thoughts on the Best Ski Destinations

There’s a lot that makes a ski resort great. And everyone has a different definition of the perfect ski destination, tailored to their personal skill level, skiing style, and a myriad of other things.

In our opinion, these eight ski destinations have it all. A fantastic range of pistes and varying slopes. Great family facilities that cater to all ages. Gorgeous views and perfect snow for skiing.

So this season, buy your own skis or rent them at your resort, and take to the slopes at one of these top destinations. Skiing is an incredible sport, and you’re guaranteed one of the most memorable holidays you’ve ever had.