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8 Beauty Hacks You Have to Try

Here is a list of 8 beauty tips you should try without doubt, especially for warmer weather.

1. Eliminate permanent sweat stains

Add some lemon juice on the sweat stains before laundering to get rid of stains completely.

2. Prevent messy manicure

Apply Vaseline around your nails before polishing to wipe away any remained marks without ruining your manicure.

3. Cool down sunburns

Use frozen Aloe Vera gel in ice cube trays to treat sunburns.

4. Prevent shoe blisters

Rub clear deodorant on your heels to prevent blisters.

5. Remove makeup with natural ingredients

Use coconut oil to remove your makeup naturally and effectively.

6. Avoid bubbles while polishing your nails

Put your nail polish in a fridge to avoid bubbles while painting your nails.

7. Give yourself a quick split-ends trim

Twist your hair in a ponytail, then snip any split ends sticking out with scissors to get rid of dead ends without a haircut.

8. Give your eyes an instant eye lift

Use highlighter to draw an arch above the brow, then blend with your finger.