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7 Ways To Deal With The Pain Of Loving Someone You Can’t Be With

Love is one of the most powerful feeling that we have, if not, the MOST powerful. Our heart never chooses who to love and we can never force to love someone when we don’t. Love is an untamed power that can turn sometimes on the wrong side.

It can be the most beautiful thing in the world, or it can hurt us to the point of losing our minds and entire emotional energy. However, if we cannot control love, we can find a way to control ourselves and handle it more carefully and rationally.

We give you 7 tips how to handle love that turned to the wrong road. Read below to continue:

1. Find a Hobby And Dive Into The World Of Creativity

The pain can be immeasurable and unsustainable and finding something that will occupy your mind and time can be really helpful and you’ll feel more fulfilled about yourself. Because listen, thinking of that person can really waste your time to the point of you missing your time to grow. So, try to pick a creative hobby and fulfil your day with it. You’ll feel happier.

2. Protect Yourself

This is a period when your emotions are open and you might be hurt too often. Building a solid platform of protectiveness towards yourself can make you achieve even the hardest times and grab them with better strength. When you feel protected, you’ll gain strength. And if expressing your feelings can become a way bigger worry than a relief, leave and do something else that makes you happier.

3. Maintain a Solid Support System 

You are going to need this. Please, surround yourself with people that love you honestly, truly. Try to avoid people that are overly nice to you or people that you sense that are being fake to you. Your emotions shouldn’t be played and manipulated and your recovery will come as soon as possible. Being with the people you love and spending time with them can uplift you quicker than you thought.

4. Limit The Contacts With Them 

We are not saying they it’s way better to leave than be left, but understanding the situation is a way better option that to be lost in other’s decisions made in your name. If you know that the situation, clearly you’ll have to be the bigger person. Slowly back up and continue with your life. You will feel like you could die instead, but you must be rational more. You are stronger than you think you are.

5. Start Dating Other People 

This seems like the hardest, dumbest part because you think and you feel that you could never forget that person and more importantly, no one living on this planet could match them. But dating other people will help you realize that there are other wonderful people that can bring you joy. You don’t need to end up with them, but changing your mindset and open up to new people can give you benefits. You’ll need time, but time heals everything.

6. Let Them Know Your Feelings 

Be careful with this one. If you feel like maybe it’s the best option for them to know how you feel, be honest about it and tell them straight forward. Releasing your inner blockade can turn out to be life changing for you, and you will feel released and emptied out towards that person and that connection. But if you think that maybe it’s not the best deal, skip this and read number 7.

7.  Write Down Your Deepest Emotions 

Open up a journal that you know it will be completely safe and yours, and write down your emotions. Either you create poems, or write short memos and texts- it’s up to you. Be creative and be honest. White blank paper can be very, very challenging because it’s just yourself and the paper, so write and write as much as you can. Don’t care if it’s good or not, open up and write down what you feel. Writing can heal you faster and you’ll gain a hobby that you would always come back to.

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