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7 Unbeatable Features Why Kidgy is The Best Parental Control App

The world has evolved so fast. Everything is being digitized. Children are learning and using technology faster and frequently compared to their parent. Unlike the old days where parents had simple ways to monitor the activities of their children, with so much technology in the world, it becomes difficult for parents to monitor their kids. Children are so much on their phone, they can’t stay for more than 10 minutes without using it.

Caring parents should not worry anymore about monitoring their children’s phone use. Kidgy is the solution parents have been looking for when it comes to parental control. And it is the best parental control app that is widely used by the parents to monitor their children phone usage. The application is compatible with both Android and iPhone devices.  Parents who use Kidgy parental control app enjoy the following benefits:

1. GPS

Parent no longer need to call their children to know where they are. The app extracts the exact real-time GPS location your child is. The app sends the location straight to your phone. This parental app provides the parents with the information on all Wi-Fi network your child has accessed in a certain location. When your child visits a friend or family member you can tell whether they are there or they lied about their location. Sometimes children get excited and they forget to communicate, the application saves the parents the worry. The GPS helps parents to access all the route history of their children devices.

2. Block calls

You will find your children on phone at odd hours. Parents should not worry anymore since the application provides them with information on call logs, call summary, and caller ids for the ultimate stealth parental control and monitoring. Using the application the parents can block some contacts on their children phone and restrict receiving and calling at odd hours.

3. Panic button

This button makes parents be just clicking away from their children. Sometimes you may be traveling or having a party with friends. Things may go wild while they are at the party and try things they have never used. They may find it difficult to call their parent because of the fear that their friends may take their phone. Your child needs to get to the Kidgy application and press SOS panic button. Immediately special SOS message is sent to parent phone containing the current location and time. With this feature, parents can easily rescue their parents from such situations.

4. Internet filtering

The current generations, they are very smart and access many websites. Using the app parents can monitor which website does your child access. The application will make it easy for you to analysis time your child spent on the internet doing constructive work such as reading or doing an assignment. The app enables parents to block websites which they find not healthy for their children to access. The application makes parents to be informed on technology since through they learn many new things.

5. SMS monitoring

Kidgy has saved parent the same of asking their children for their phones. Using the Kidgy app parents can monitor who are their children texting. The application provides parents with records of all incoming and outgoing text in their children phones. Parents can you the app to check messages which have been deleted. With the app, parents can tell who sent their children a text and at what exact time was is sent or received. The app has saved parents from being left on suspense or misgivings concerning a text sender. With the app it easy for parents to know when your children are having an issue or when they are lying.

6. Block apps

Currently, children are so much into games. Your child may be playing games which are very scary or demanding them to do evil things. This provides parents with compressive information on which apps your child install in their devices, which they use frequently and those on their phone already. Parents can use Kidgy app to block apps which they no longer what their children to access.

7. Geofencing

Before the evolution of technology parent would worry a lot on the where about of their children. With Kidgy application you don’t have to worry about anything concerning their location. Parents can set restricted locations for their children. When the children bleach those locations parents receive alerts on their phones. They also receive detailed information when their children cross those restricted areas.


Parents should become digital if they have to control their kids. Kidgy is the best for parents since they can monitor their children without their knowledge. With Kidgy you don’t have to call your children to know their location or where they are.  When it comes to parental control app, Kidgy is the most recommended since it easy to use and has a user-friendly interface.