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7 Types of Friends You Don’t Need in Your Life

There’s nothing better than true and sincere friends. There are many forms of friendships, but there are some characteristics that are common. These characteristics include sympathy, honesty, empathy, affection, mutual understanding, trust etc.

Some friends are for life while others you should be careful with. Take some time to identify the “friends” you no longer need in your life and you need to break up with them.

Here are the 7 types of friends you don’t need in your life:

1. Bossy friends

A bossy friend is the one that doesn’t respect your ideas and tries to change you as soon as you reach success. These types of friends are full with advice, but they don’t ever want you to succeed. They aren’t helping you at all and will always want to be one scale up on you. You don’t need this type of people in your life.

2. Jealousy friends

This friend doesn’t like you to succeed in life. This friend will never be happy for your success and will never acknowledge that you deserve good things happening to you. They’ll always put on a big, fake smile when good things happen, but deep down, they’re drowning in jealousy. This type of people will never support you, but rather talk behind your back. They will always point to your mistakes and downfalls rather than be happy for the good stuff. These people can also ruin your other friendships.

3. Cunning friends

These friends will only be your friends when they need something. They love to use you but when you’re having a hard time, they’re nowhere to be found. They will borrow money and never pay them back. You can never trust this friend because he’s going to use your emotions against you. Be careful, because they’ll try to play around your emotions!

4. Selfish friend

This type of friend always talks about himself and doesn’t care what’s going on in your life. They’ll never be by your side, unless there’s something they can gloat on. They never listen and never apologise. They’ll also ignore you to make them look better. You don’t need this type of negative energy in your life.

5. Judgmental friend 

A good friend never judges you. Remember, highly judgmental people criticize everyone and everything. A friend who judges you based on your thinking, your decisions or even how you look, is not someone you want in your life. They will only bring you down. You need to feel comfortable around your friends and not be afraid to be yourself, but if they make you feel like you’re being scrutinized or judged, then that’s a red flag.

6. A friend who lies

A friend who lies to your face is not a good friend. When a friend tells a lie it’s really difficult to trust them again. The worst part is when they are treating you as if you are stupid and won’t see straight through it. If they really cared about your friendship, they would be honest, because you are worth the truth even if they can’t see it.

7. Unsympathetic friend

A friend who lack sympathy are often self-absorbed, preoccupied with one’s own feelings, interests, or situation. They are often unwilling to recognize others feelings and emotions, and therefore they cannot feel empathy towards anyone. It’s very important to recognize an unsympathetic friend and avoid to be around these kinds of people, especially when you’re going through a hard time.