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7 Tips on Writing an Effective Essay For Mom

There are some institutions and organizations that require you to write an essay for them when you are applying for a place within their institution. Most of these institutions are schools that ask students to write essays during the enrollment process. Some of them are companies that require job applicants to give writing samples.

You can’t simply write a group of paragraphs and call it an essay. It is the reason why some people don’t get accepted in schools or companies.

These are seven tips on writing an effective essay for any institution and in any situation.

Find Your Topic

Sometimes, they will give you a topic. Some institutions let you choose your own topic. If you are given the topic, think about the type of essay you can make out of it.

If you are made to choose your own topic, your task is bigger. On the bright side, being made to choose your own topic lets you choose a topic that you are comfortable with. Make sure to choose a topic that is still relevant to the reason why you have to write the essay.

Prepare an Outline of Your Ideas

Write your ideas on your paper and organize them. First, write your topic on top of the paper. List your main ideas for the essay. Under each main idea, list down smaller ideas that are connected to the main idea.

An outline is like a human’s skeleton or the structure of a building. It gives the foundation for the finished product. This is the reason why you must organize your outline, putting important ideas in the right places.

Write Your Thesis Statement in the Beginning

It is now time to write your thesis statement. The thesis statement states the point of your essay. It must be a one-sentence summary of your essay and what it says, but this one sentence must have two parts. The first part states the topic of your essay like your essay title does, and the second part says the point of your essay. The thesis statement must not be a whole paragraph.

Write the Body of Your Essay

The body of your essay will discuss the topic of your essay. Every main idea that you wrote in your outline will make up different sections within the body of your essay. Each paragraph must begin with an introductory sentence that states one of your main ideas. It must be followed by sentences that state ideas that support your main idea.

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Write Your Introduction

If you prefer to continue writing your essay on your own, the next thing to do is to write your introduction. Your introduction must grab the attention of your readers and entice them to read your whole article. It must also show what your essay will be about. You can choose to put something shocking in your introduction to intrigue your readers, or you can choose to just put a summary of your essay into your introduction.

Write Your Conclusion

Finally, you can write your conclusion. Your conclusion will end your discussion about your topic and summarizes the main ideas of your essay. It will also provide readers a final look at your essay. Your conclusion needs only three or five sentences that are strong.

All you need to do is reread your essay and reinforce it in your conclusion. Your conclusion must end your essay gracefully, without leaving any information that makes the readers feel your essay is incomplete.

Do some Finishing Touches

Don’t submit your essay yet because we are still not done. You must look at its smaller details first. Check if your essay is in order. The most powerful parts of your essay must be the first and last paragraphs of its body. Read your essay like it’s someone else’s essay and see if the essay makes sense to you.

If you were given instructions for writing your essay, reread them and ensure your essay abides by their guidelines.

There is a proper process to make sure your essay is effective. You must structure its contents into an organized form that places the most important parts in the right places. Your readers must find your effective essay easy to understand.

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