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7 Tips to Find The Perfect Sports Bra

Oh, the joy of finding the perfect sports bra! The world just looks so much better when you exercise in the support and comfort you deserve.

Problem is many women do not find their sports bra nirvana. And struggle through each workout often in discomfort or even worse, pain! This is not how it should be. Exercise is meant to make us feel good after all.

So, how do you stop your sports bra letting you down? How do you reach sports bra nirvana? The answer is easier than you might think. Follow my 7 tips and hit your next session in comfort, support and style.

Tip 1; It is all About Support.

This is so true. If a sports bra does not support you, you have fallen at the first hurdle. After all, that is the whole point of a sports bra right. To keep the girls under control. Good support is the foundation of a great sports bra.

So, how do you know if you are getting the correct support? Sports bra support levels are measured in ‘impact levels’. From ‘low impact’ for activities such as Yoga. To ‘medium impact’ for cycling and gym work. Up to ‘high impact’ for running, basketball, etc. Some brands even offer ‘extreme impact’ for the absolute best in support.

It is simply a matter of matching your activity to the relevant impact level. Basketball = bounce = high impact. If in doubt go up an impact level. Your breasts will thank you!

Tip 2; And Comfort.

So, you have support sorted. Next is comfort. There is no point buying a sports bra that offers the best support if it rubs and chafes. Ouch!

The best place to start in your comfort quest is to look at your present bra wardrobe. Do you prefer wirefree or underwired? Regular strap or racerback? Padded or non-padded?

Make a list of your comfort preferences. It might look something like this; wirefree, racerback, padded and back fastening. Keep this in your back pocket when you go shopping and try to tick off as many as you can. That said, do not be afraid to try something different. You may be a life-long underwired fan but why not try wirefree?

Modern sports bras are often made from technical, performance materials. These can be super soft and often wick moisture away. Keeping you cool and dry. Plan and do your research and you will be heading to your next workout in the ultimate in sports bra comfort.

Tip 3; You Need the Right Size.

It goes without saying that if your sports bra is the wrong size, it will not provide the support it should. Not to mention the discomfort it may cause. Considering up to 8 out of 10 women wear the wrong bra size, finding your right size is critical.

Finding your size isn’t that hard. All you need is a tape measure, a mirror and if possible, a friend. You will need to find two measurements.

The first, your overbust, is found by measuring around the fullest part of your breasts. The second, your underbust, by measuring around your ribcage directly under your breasts. Make sure the tape is horizontal to the floor and not too tight.

A quick web search of ‘bra size calculator’ will bring up plenty of options to simply key in your measurements to find your size. Try a few to double and triple check.

Tip 4; And Fit.

Size isn’t everything. You also need to consider fit. You may find a sport bra in your size, but it just doesn’t fit quite right. You spill out the top or the band just doesn’t sit right. Do the following checks to ensure the best fit for you.

The band should be snug but not too tight. You need to be able to breathe. Your band should sit horizontally and not ride up at the back. Move your arms around, your band should not move. Lots of little movements over a long workout can lead to chafing. Not good!

Next the cups. They should not runneth over but instead should contain all your breast tissue. Also, check the opposite. There should not be any gaps in your cups. Ideally you want your cups full. There is no glass half full here.

Finally, the shoulder straps. Many women think the straps hold you up and continue to tighten them to get more support. This can lead to shoulder pain and discomfort. Like your band they should be firm but not uncomfortably tight. You also want to make sure they will not fall off your shoulders. A racerback style can solve this issue.

Tip 5; Do not forget Style.

Gone are the days when sports bras were an ugly necessity we put up with in our quest for support. Modern designs come in a myriad of styles and colours.

From plain black to hot pink and everything in between. Many styles are designed to be worn stand alone. No top required. They look the goods, and many women feel empowered to show them off.

If you look and feel good you will be more confident to exercise your way. Find a sport bra that has you feeling good and rock that belly!

Tip 6; It is all About You.

Your mission to find the perfect sports bra is all about you. Do not be swayed by others. The sports bra that your bestie loves may not be right for you. Just because your favourite sports woman endorses it does not mean you should rush out and buy.

This is all about you and what is best for you. Sure, ask questions and consider opinions but do not let them sway your decision making. There are no short cuts, so take the time required to find what is best for you.

Tip 7; Shop Where the Sports Bras Are.

You have got this far and have your list of sports bras must haves ready. You head to your local sports store and find they have nothing close to the size 16E, high impact, wirefree, racerback sports bra you want. In fact, they don’t even have a 16E!

Not uncommon unfortunately. Floor space is at a premium so many stores opt for standard sizes and styles that best suit most women. But what about us 16E’s?

Do not fear, the internet is here! Many online stores offer a much bigger range of brands, styles and sizes. And their websites are often set up to make finding you perfect sports bra easy.

Sports Bras Direct is one such site. It offers Australia’s largest range of sports bra brands, styles and sizes. The best bit is there is heaps of blogs, videos and fitting info to help you in your quest for sports bra nirvana.

Happy sports bra shopping!

Amy x