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7 Tips For Upgrading Your Bathroom

Bathroom renovations are among the most common upgrades people across the US perform in their homes. In the booming state of Texas particularly, people don’t just remodel their bathrooms for aesthetic reasons, but also because it adds the most value in terms of resale to the home. In fact, in cities like Austin, you can make $1.71 in returns for every $1 you invest in a bathroom remodel.

Irrespective of why you may be pursuing a bathroom or complete home remodel, you will need some effective research before starting the process. Here are some tips that can help:

1. Know what you want to do

Residents of Austin are known to take their home renovations, especially bathroom remodeling, quite seriously. If you are a resident of this upscale city, you’ll need a home that reflects the overall modern vibe of the place. Before starting, though, you need to decide whether you are looking to simply update the bathroom or completely renovate it.

Bathroom remodels can include changing the shower tiles, backsplash and walls, refinishing or replacing the tub or shower, replacing electrical wiring, lighting fixture and plumbing, or adding standalone tubs, brand-new ventilation systems, glass paneling, or additional sinks. Whether you want to do a few of these or all at once is a decision you will need to make before starting the project.

2. Paint the walls

Being the city of colors that it is, bathroom remodeling in Austin remains incomplete without adding an interesting combination of shades. The color you want to use depends on how your bedroom looks and is more about personal preferences than anything else. You can either stay subtle or go bold, as both these styles are currently trending.

For an understated tone that you want to compliment with bright elements, choose either ivory, white, or cream for the walls. These colors work best when a lot of natural light enters the bathroom through a large window or skylight. For bold colors, you can go with black, mauve, or teal, which may still be soft but stand out nonetheless.

Try to avoid certain bright shades of blue because they can enhance dark circles under your eyes, while green makes your skin look pale. Looking at yourself in the mirror can make you conscious about your own appearance, although the bathroom may look pretty. New home buyers also usually prefer the place to have a neutral or light color with bright elements rather than the other way around.

Another thing to be careful about is to use mold-resistant primers and paints so that they can last for a long time, especially considering the fact that bathrooms have the most moisture. Humidity and water seepage is the main source of mold and algae infestation in homes.

3. Enhance the walls with wood paneling

Although this design has been trending for many years, it is still one of the most aesthetically appealing additions that can be made to a bathroom. Beadboarding, for instance, is an option you can explore. These panels with vertical grooves as well as minute ridges where each plank combines with the other are simple but have the ability to transform the look of your bathroom.

Another option you can think about is wainscoting. Similar to beadboarding only in terms of the material used, wainscoting originated in the 18th century and is still popular today. This type of paneling extends from the floor to the ceiling, unlike beadboarding that is limited to half of the wall. Both these options are easy to install and considerably enhance the bathroom’s appearance.

4. Allow vanity cabinets to stand out

Vanity cabins are an essential part of every bathroom. In recent times, adding that contemporary and stunning look to the washroom usually includes painting these cabinets in a dark color. Black, shades of gray, the natural color of wood, eucalyptus, and smoky blue are some of the trendy and classy colors these days.

While interior designers advise shying away from painting the wall’s colors bright, they suggest having these on vanity cabinets. Since under-sink drawers and cupboards don’t reflect on your face, you can go with a bold shade here. Moreover, for an additional touch of extravagance and beauty, you can lay contact paper inside vanity cabinets.

5. Upgrade the ventilation system

A bathroom needs to be well-ventilated, especially if you love to take hot showers. Modern technology has allowed ventilation systems to become smart enough to be able to track humidity and odor levels too. A state-of-the-art ventilation system adds to the room’s overall comfort while adding resale value to the home overall.

While you’re at it, you can also upgrade the fans or air conditioning in the bathroom. Once again, thanks to technology, fans have become extremely advanced, with some now coming with LED lights, Bluetooth speakers, and even heaters installed within them. They can also help get rid of moisture that may build up in the washroom over time.

6. Replace bathroom hardware

Besides aesthetics, functionality is also important in the bathroom. With upgraded hardware, taking showers or rinsing your hands can become a delightful experience. Modern fixtures offer a lot of advantages in terms of aesthetics and usability.

Some of the things you can try replacing include sinkhole covers, shower rings and hooks, tub stoppers, towel racks and hangers, shower handles and rods, tub spouts, drawer pulls, mirror frames, and cabinet knobs. You can also look into changing faucets and showerheads to give the bathroom a more modern feel.

7. Add some exquisite light fixtures

Lighting in the bathroom, especially in one that has no natural light flowing in, can transform the place completely. Using either hanging fixtures or hidden lighting elements can make the bathroom come to life. Vanity lights behind the mirror, under the counter, or in the ceiling are great additions. At the same time, long-hanging warm lights are also great when you want the place to have a cozy and welcoming vibe.


Bathroom remodeling is a great way to uplift a simple room for personal use or resale. Although overhauling the entire place is not always necessary, a few subtle changes can make a lot of difference when done right. Changing the tiles or the wall color alone has the power to turn the bathroom into a more modern-looking space. So follow the suggestions above to spruce up our bathroom in Austin.