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7 Things the Bad Taste in Your Mouth Is Trying to Tell You

Did you know that sometimes a bad taste in your mouth can be an indication of something serious? If you notice a sour, bitter, sweet or metallic taste in your mouth that doesn’t seem to go away, do no ignore it.

Here are some causes that might be responsible for the bad taste in your mouth:

1. Diabetes

If you notice a sweet taste in your mouth, that means that your body is having difficulties regulating sugar. People that suffer from diabetes, often have a strange sweet taste in their mouths.

2. Yeast infection

Yeast infections are caused by a bacteria called Candida Albicans that is naturally found in the mouth. When the immune system weakens, the bacteria start quickly reproducing and causing an infection. Symptoms include white spots on the throat and tongue and a weird taste in the mouth.

3. You could need more zinc

An odd taste in your mouth can be also caused by zinc deficiency. Scientists think that the bad taste appears because zinc elevates the levels of gustin, which is a protein that controls the taste buds.

4. You could be pregnant

Many pregnant women claim they have experienced a metallic taste in their mouths. This occurs due to the hormonal changes that happen in a woman’s body during pregnancy. Hormones affect your sense of taste and smell.

5. Your stress levels could be too high

Stress and anxiety can cause dry mouth, meaning low amounts of saliva in your mouth. Saliva is really important and has a key role in our health. When you don’t produce enough saliva, you’ll end up with a weird taste in your mouth.

6. It could be the medicine you’re taking

Some types of medication can cause salty, bittersweet and metallic taste in your mouth. Antibiotics, anti-inflammatories and medications used to treat allergies and hypertension contain this side effect.

7. You need to improve your oral hygiene

There are many good and bad bacteria in your mouth. When you don’t have a proper oral hygiene, the bad bacteria proliferate and cause a bad taste in your mouth.