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7 Things You Must Purchase in Your 20s

Many young people in Australia are very aggressive in buying anything that is trending. Most of these items are used temporarily, especially at their age. These young people are in their 20s and are socially active, so you can see them most of the time hanging around with their friends.

Usually, young people in their 20s are game enthusiasts. They like playing different types of games, could be anything related to sports, computer games and the like. On the other hand, they also love music and entertainment.

They enjoy going out with friends at a concert or at any bar where they can spend time unwinding. When you were in your 20s, there were particular things you must have purchased from time to time. To look back a little, here are seven things you must purchase in your 20s:


playing a guitar

1. Dart Setup

You were probably fond of playing darts at school or at home. If so, you would always visit a dart shop Australia retail outlet to check the latest inventories of dart pins and dart boards. This is just normal as even older people may still be obsessed with playing dart in competition or as a recreation.

2. Skateboard

Skateboarding is a common part of a teen’s life, and this could even last beyond 20s, depending on how a person loves doing this. When you were around 13 years old, you might have started using it with your friends until your 20s. On the contrary, there are young people who start to love skateboarding in their 20s and continue to do so until their 30s.

3. The Guitar

The guitar is one of the most popular items people in their 20s would like to purchase. This is because everybody loves music. Oldies today must have gone through purchasing their own guitar in the past. Along with guitar, young people also love buying amplifiers, especially if they choose to buy an electric guitar.

4. Motorcycle

You might have been a fan of motorcycles in your 20s. Until today, people in their 20s are crazy about new models of motorcycles. Try to visit any motorcycle showroom, and you will notice that most people who are inquiring for new models are young people. You were probably one of them when you were in your 20s.

5. Backpack

When you were in your 20s, you must have been active in various outdoor activities such as traveling, camping, hiking, mountain climbing, and more. Your backpack might have been one of your best friends.

6. Sports Equipment and Items

Most young people, especially in their 20s are active in sports. They buy tennis rockets, soccer balls, USA baseball bats, and other similar items. Others even create their own setup at home such as a basketball court or a baseball field.

7. Game Gadgets

Game gadgets continue to evolve because of continuous innovation and technological development. What stays the same is the passion of young people, especially in their 20s to buy their own game gadgets. Today, smart phones with game apps are not enough for young people. They keep on buying whatever is the latest game in trends.


Every stage in our life, there are things which we love buying. In our childhood, we all loved toys. As time went by, we demanded different types of toys. All these are part of growing up. Our interest continues to change as we age. The above items are what you probably purchased when you were in your 20s. Nevertheless, it is also possible that you may keep the same interest for a long time in the future.