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7 Things to Do When You Get Your First Flat

Moving out on your own can be an exciting yet bittersweet time. Saying goodbye to your mum and your other family members is likely to leave you teary eyed, but it’s worth it knowing that you’ll have a place of your own. To ensure you have a smooth transition from living with your parents to living on your own, we’ve put together a to do list of 7 things you’ll want to take care of when you move into your first flat.

1. Sign up for New Insurance Policies

When you were living with your mum and dad, you were probably covered under their health fund. Once you move out on your own, you’ll probably want to get your own insurance coverage. There are two kinds of coverage you’ll want to look into. The first is renter’s insurance and the second is health insurance. Unless you’re also getting married at this time, you’ll most likely want singles health cover.

2. De-Clutter the Old Belongings You No Longer Need

When you move out of your parents’ place, you don’t want to leave a bunch of junk behind for them to have to dispose of. Be an adult and take care of that before you go. Sell, consign, donate or give away anything you won’t need at your new flat.

3. Find Boxes and Pack up the Belongings You Do Need

Before you buy new moving boxes, check at local shops to see if they have boxes they no longer have need of. You may be able to save a bit of money by packing your things in used boxes. You may also be able to get used boxes from friends or neighbours who have recently moved.

4. Measure the Dimensions of Your New Living Space

There are bunches of measurements you’ll want to take before you shop for the new furnishings you’ll need to furnish your flat. The first of these is the dimensions of the entrances that lead into the flat. If your front door is tiny, you’ll want to avoid buying a giant sectional sofa or an armoire that’s too tall to fit through the door.

The second set of measurements you’ll need: the measurements of your windows. You’ll need to measure every window in the flat, because it’s possible that they could all be different sizes. You’ll need accurate measurements when you shop for blinds, shades, curtains, draperies and / or curtain rods.

5. Shop for the New Furnishings You’ll Need

It is likely that you’ll need more furnishings and accessories for your flat than you can comfortably afford to buy. You may have to do some prioritising about what you really need versus what you can afford to do without for awhile. Don’t forget the small but important things like toilet paper.

6. Arrange Transport for Your Belongings

Unless you own a truck or have a friend who does, you’ll need to hire one. You can hire movers to help you or enlist the help of family and friends. If you’re buying new furniture, you might be able to have it delivered by the shop you buy it from.

7. Move in and Enjoy Your New Flat

Once your belongings have all been moved to your new space, it’s time to unpack everything and put your new furnishings in place. You can host a housewarming party, and your friends may decide to help you with small gifts like potted plants and dishcloths that can transform a sterile environment into a lovely home. Enjoy your new flat!

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