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7 Things Everyone Should Do After They Graduate College

Some major congratulations are in order. You’ve graduated college. Years of hard work are finally going to start paying off. But do you find yourself asking, “What’s next?”

Many recent graduates are in the same shoes. With so many options opening up before you, it can be hard to pick a direction, and daunting to try to break into a career in your field.

While this can be frightening, it can also be incredibly liberating. Instead of working on the theory, you’re going to finally be able to start putting those skills to use. So what can you do to make your transition from college to “the real world” as smooth as possible? Read on to find out.

Link Up With Employers

Do you have a LinkedIn profile?

If your answer is “no” building one should be your first priority. If you answered “yes,” you can still benefit from doing some editing and revamping.

LinkedIn approved tricks such as using Google’s keywords tool, choosing a professional profile photo, and strategically joining professional groups can go a long way to getting yourself noticed by potential employers.

Review Your Resume

We don’t need to tell you how important a good resume is. Your resume is your best tool to getting yourself an interview, so you’ve got to make sure it is perfect.

After you graduate, you should give your resume a good edit. You should also be tailoring it precisely for each job you apply to (and don’t forget about cover letters)!

If your college provides career support services for alumni (or if you haven’t graduated quite yet) book an appointment. Having a professional take a hard look at your resume will show you all the ways you can make it even better.

You also have to take note of the skills that you’ll be placing for future employers to see. The job that you wish to apply to must be in line with what skills and qualifications that you have.  If your future employers and big business moguls, they’ll be more impressed by seeing a related degree such as a Business Administration Degree Online on your resume, for example.

Plus, make sure your resume avoids any common blunders such as clichéd terms.

Build Your Professional Brand

How can you make yourself stand out even more to employers? Build a personal brand.

A logo, business cards, and a professional website can go a long way to setting yourself apart in the eyes of potential employers.

This is especially important if you are in an industry, such as graphic design, where you require a portfolio.

Plus business cards are a must for any networking opportunities, which leads us into our next point.

Join Professional Networks

Look for young professional and other industry meetups in your area.

Attending these sorts of events are great networking opportunities. Plus, you can get tips and tricks from other people in the same situation.

Plus, these meetups are a great way to meet like-minded individuals and make new friends after college.

Build a Budget

One of the best ways to keep control of your money is to build a responsible budget and keep track of your spending.

Building a weekly budget will help you plan out budgets for the month and year. Keeping track of your expenses week to week, and adding in monthly expenses like bills, will give you a good indication of whether you’re sticking to your budget.

It can be hard to budget, especially if you have student loan debt. Consider looking into student loan relief options to help get you back on your feet.


With these tips, you can make breaking into the professional world after college as smooth as possible.

Don’t forget to take time to congratulate yourself for your amazing accomplishment! Celebrate your graduation!


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