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7 Super Simple Ways to Eat Healthier With Minimal Effort

We’re all leading fast lives, and that makes it harder to eat healthier. It’s important to remember to stay away from junk foods and try your best to eat healthy foods that will benefit your body.

Here are 7 super simple ways to eat healthier with putting minimal effort:

1. Mix your peanut butter with a bunch of different seeds

Finding a simple breakfast that will keep you full is not easy, but there’s a way to start your day the right way. Take your jar of peanut butter and add a bunch of seeds. Mix everything well. This way you’ll add a lot more vitamins, proteins and nutritious elements to your breakfast.

2. Cook your grains in green tea

It’s ok cooking your grains in water, but why not try something new? This way you’ll add a richer flavor and make your grains even healthier. Cooking the grains in green tea will improve your mental alertness, relieve digestive symptoms and help you lose weight.

3. Buy canned tomatoes instead of fresh

Tomatoes contain a lot of vitamins, but what type of tomato is the healthier choice? Choose canned tomatoes. The reason is because processed tomatoes are picked ripe and red and they contain a lot of lycopene. On the other hand, fresh tomatoes are picked green and some even contain dangerous chemicals.

4. Use white beans in your smoothie

Beans are probably the last thing you’d add in your smoothie, but why not try it! White beans contain a lot of protein, so next time you’re making your fruit smoothie, add a handful of white beans to add more protein.

5. Steep your herbal tea with a lid on it

Cover your tea while it steeps with a lid. It’s a simple thing to do, but it will help you keep the tea’s essential oils inside your cup, instead of evaporating in the air.

6. Cook the carrots whole

Carrots contain a lot of antioxidants, fiber, proteins, beta carotene and potassium. They’re very tasty, crunchy and great for your health. It’s also proven that they can reduce the risk of getting cancer. Try to cook your carrots whole because that way they have 25% more falcarinol, which is a cancer-fighting compound.

7. Dice your garlic and then let it rest a bit

Garlic is the ingredients that brings food to life. It’s also one of the greatest and healthiest vegetable to consume since it’s packed with antioxidants and vitamin C. Next time you’re chopping garlic, let it rest for 5 minutes before using it in order to maximize its powerful qualities.