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7 Signs That Your Friend is In Love With You

Are you only friends or something more? Here are the signs that will show you that your best friend is actually madly in love with you:

Smiling couple having tea outdoors

1. He constantly asks questions about the guys you are dating

It’s pretty normal to ask how your date went, but if he’s constantly asking you about it and wants details- there might be something else!

2. Other people think you’re dating

Other people are starting to think that you two are a couple. Your friend might be giving those vibes and might be acting like you’re a real couple!

3. You hang out like you’re a couple

He always asks you to out and to be just the two of you.

4. You get physical

We’re talking about hugs. You often hug, long and passionate.

5. He never mentions other girls

He never mentions other girls because there are no other girls except you. Isn’t it odd that he can’t find any single girl to date?

6. He calls you all the time

He calls you and texts you all the time.

7. He remembers everything

When you’re having a hard time, he’s always here to support you and put you in a good mood. He just knows what to do to make you feel better!

Thanks to mindwaft.com