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7 Signs That Indicate You’re Emotionally and Mentally Exhausted

We’re all riding on this crazy roller coaster called life and it can sometimes be very exhausting. All those ups and downs, can really mess up our physical and mental well being.

When you feel physically and mentally exhausted, the best thing to do is take a rest and let others take the lead.

Taking some time off for yourself doesn’t mean that you’re giving up, it means that you’re giving yourself time to heal and learn to love yourself again.

Here are the 7 signs that indicate you’re emotionally and mentally exhausted:

1. You’re experiencing more anxiety attacks

You feel more stressed than usual and the anxiety attacks become a part of your daily routine. Don’t be afraid. Spend some time alone, breath and discover what you need in life.

2. You’re easily irritated

The lack of power to change sometimes makes you feel more and more irritated. Don’t spend time around people when you feel that you can get easily irritated. Instead, take some time off to work on yourself.

3. Meaningless things upset you

Since your sensitivity is increased, you easily get upset about ordinary and stupid things, even end up in tears. No matter how hard it is, take some time off to gather your thoughts and reconstruct your world.

4. You feel like crying for no reason

When you feel like the world is crushing on your shoulders, you feel hypersensitive and even the slightest thing can make you burst into tears. When you’re mentally and physically exhausted, you lose the strength to deal with difficult situations and our daily stress levels are intensified.

5. You feel nauseous and dizzy

Over-exhausted people experience constant nausea and dizziness. Mental issues always manifest physically. Take matters into your own hands and prevent this before going too far!

6. You have trouble sleeping

The exhaustion prevents your thoughts to calm down and prevent you to fall asleep. Insomnia occurs in almost everyone that’s physically and mentally exhausted.

7. You start to feel detached

When you lose all hopes, you’re starting to be senseless. This is maybe the worst condition, when you don’t feel good nor bad. If you start feeling this, stop, take some time off, breath and let yourself heal.

Don’t forget to stop, breath and recharge!

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