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7 Reasons More Women are Creating WordPress Sites

It used to be that WordPress and other online technologies were dominated by men. But with the growth of the digital world, the internet ratio of genders has started to catch up to other industries. Now, women are getting into WordPress more than ever. Here are seven reasons why women creating these sites is on the rise:

Freelance Marketplaces

Long gone are the days where the only way to get a job was to walk into a store and apply in person. Today, you can apply online easily with many different sites. This helps because women are not discriminated against as much. Unfortunately, in the past, there were more gatekeepers that could deny the ability to create certain enterprises if someone was a woman. WordPress management companies let them get onto the marketplace quickly.

Now, however, things are different. Women can create a WordPress website offering their services. Whether they are a programmer, designer, writer, or anything in between, they can create a name for themselves online now. WordPress sites make sense as business cards, brochures, and information capture platforms for these enterprising women.

Dissemination of WordPress

WordPress is the most popular and robust online platform today. The end result is that there are so many WordPress sites online and people can use those as inspiration. It seems to be a domino effect. Once women see other women blogging, selling jewelry, or whatever they do with their sites, it creates a wave of momentum and confidence. Of course, with WordPress management services, they can also outsource other tasks to spend more time on their core ideas.

Resources for Learning

In order to create a WordPress site, you have to do more than push a few buttons. WordPress management is one option. While it is easier to set up than other platforms, you need to know a variety of software techniques and concepts like SEO, WordPress maintenance, copywriting, and security. Luckily, these resources are plentiful today. Women are learning fast on video sites, course platforms, and live webinars. Then, they are able to quickly put their knowledge to use.

Flat Hierarchy

The world is becoming increasingly flat. Women in the past were victim to the establishment and workplace politics. This meant that a woman had to fight tooth and nail to be offered opportunities that she was already qualified for. With the hierarchy of digital business so spread out, women can see success based on the merits of their work instead of getting approval from management. The result is more women with the fair opportunities to create businesses and sites based on their hard work. The biggest obstacle is now things like WordPress maintenance, which can be remedied.

Barriers to Entry and Costs

Barriers to entry can be of the biggest causes of otherwise qualified people not getting into business. That’s why for the longest time, there was the corporate ladder that had to be climbed. But it’s not just the internal office that stood in the way of women. It was also about the competitive ideas that were being awarded to men mostly on the patent system. If a woman had a smart idea, she was less likely to be encouraged to apply and get the rights to provide it to the wider community. Now with support based on online communities, there is a family of women in business that are helping each other out. WordPress management services certainly help


It can be difficult to get ahead in WordPress or any other digital platform if you’re going it alone. This is true for women especially, who usually have other aims that people are telling them they should pursue. With the popularity of meetups and meetup sites, they can get positive feedback and continue to improve.


Financing is the one of the biggest obstacles for anyone starting a website. If you want to grow fast, you might have to get angel investments. However, now there are microfinancing options and loans. Grants for women are on the rise too.


In general, the world is in the midst of a revolution of entrepreneurs. Women are taking the hint and getting involved in tech with WordPress websites and other big ideas. They are starting new ventures at an alarming rate, and it means better products and services into the marketplace. Of course, WordPress websites are just one of the main ways they are doing this but still a huge part of their success.

There are a lot of things you can do to contribute to the rise of women in tech. You can follow key women in the WordPress world. You can give time, attention, and donations to key efforts. And of course, you can do business with smart women all over that are changing the WordPress game forever.