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7 Reasons to Love Dark Chocolate

As soon as we see something sweet and tasty, we forget about our diet and our dream of a fit and toned body. Our desire for something sweet is sometimes stronger and we can’t control it, so we end up eating cookies and then feeling guilty. Good news is that there’s a more healthy way to satisfy your sweet cravings.

Dark chocolate can be a part of your healthy and balanced diet, here’s why:


1. It Can Soothe your Cough

If you’re struggling with an annoying cough, try eating some dark chocolate. Some studies have shown that dark chocolate contains theobromine, a compound that can soothe your cough.

2. It Lowers High Blood Pressure

Eating dark chocolate can slightly lower your high blood pressure. A German study has shown that 30 calories of dark chocolate a day can lower your systolic pressure by 3 mmHg and the diastolic by 2 mmHg. Flavanols found in dark chocolate lower your blood pressure.

3. It Reduces the Risk of Having a Heart Attack and a Stroke

Dark chocolate is great for your cardiovascular system and your brain. Dark chocolate is rich in antioxidants and they will reduce the risk of having a heart attack and a stroke.

4. It Lowers your Bad Cholesterol

Dark chocolate, not white, reduces your bad cholesterol and increases your good cholesterol.

5. It Improves your Mood and Reduces Stress

Dark chocolate can reduce your stress and can boost your endorphin levels. Therefore, it will make you fell happier.

6. Dark Chocolate is Rich in Antioxidants

Our bodies need antioxidants because they fight against free radicals and they prevent cancer and cardiovascular diseases. In the same time, they slow down aging.

7. It Can Help you Lose Weight

The bitter taste of dark chocolate can reduce your appetite. Dark chocolate can satisfy your need for sweets and this way you’ll control the number of calories you intake.

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