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7 Reasons Why The IT Industry Need Psychological Testing

The concern of every company, including IT companies, is to hire the right people in the right positions. For this, during the interviews periods, they use various tests to help them decide which candidate would fill in the position best. Is psychological testing among them?

As Eric from Lighthouse Counseling Bangkok says If it isn’t it should be, because people working in the IT industry have to manage a large amount of stress, as they are always counter-clock and are pressured by deadlines. Not to mention that the amount of work is very consistent in most cases. There are 7 good reasons these tests should exists in the IT industry.


  1. Increases focus and order within the company

Psychological testing will not only help the company be more organized, but will also show which people are more suitable for a certain position. Thus, the processes will be optimized as candidates with the best skills will occupy the most appropriate positions.

  1. It will increase clarity

The information gathered through such tests will clearly point out the candidates that are best for the company. As an employer, you are probably searching for certain typologies of employees, which will fit it right in the working environment of your company. This type of testing will help you find these people.

  1. It sets distinct criteria

Through testing, you will be able to set particular criteria that will set candidates apart. It will be easier to pick among them once the results are confronted, because you know what criteria the ideal candidate should respect.

  1. It helps monitoring during the selection process

Candidates should be monitored during the selection process as they may be nervous or have a bad day, which is not necessarily the reflection of their usual performance. This is why it is important for them to be watched, as the interest and willingness can also be observed as well.

  1. Shows how candidates react in stressful environments

If you really want to test the candidates, they should receive a problem without a solution. Of course, they will not know that and they will burn their brains trying to solve it. Their reactions and way of managing such a situation can say a lot of things about them. This is particularly important if the position requires high resistance to stress and deadlines.

  1. It helps you create a database of specialists

The information gathered through psychological testing can enter a database that will help the company later. For instance, next time you need a professional, you can look him up in the database and see if he is still interested in working for the company. This may shorten the recruiting process with a lot.


  1. It enhances communication between HR and IT specialists

When psychological testing is involved, even in an IT company, the two departments will communicate more at this chapter. The managers of the IT department will state the characteristics they would like to find in their ideal candidates while the HR department will help them out with proper tests.