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7 Positive Sides of Being in a Long Distance Relationship

As if love is not complicated enough, life throws you another challenge – a long distance relationship. It’s really difficult not having your partner by your side, long Skype calls can’t substitute physical presence. Some may say that having a healthy long distance relationship is impossible, but there are couples who prove that love can conquer anything if you compromise.

Being in a long distance relationship has so many positive sides:


1. Stronger Emotional Bond

Many people think that intimate intercourse is the glue that holds the relationship together and a relationship is doomed to fail if the lovemaking is bar or happens rarely. Successful long distance relationships show the opposite, it improves the emotional connection between the partners. The deep emotional connection you’ll have is priceless.

2. Precious Moments Spent Together

Couples who see each other every day, tend to take their relationship for granted. On the other hands, couples who have a long distance relationship appreciate more the time spent together. Once they get together, they spend more quality time than couples who see each other every day.

3. Passionate Intimate Moments

There’s no denying that there’s more passion between couples who spend time apart. The last for physical contact increases your appetite for intimacy. Physically separated couples often fantasize and dream for each other and that makes their rare meetings special.

4. Trust

If you really succeed In the challenge called a long distance relationship, you’ll have a life experience filled with lessons. Truth is not everyone can pass through these love tortures without failing under the pressure. Couples that build a successful long distance relationship have a strong love union based on trust. Without trust, long distance relationships are doomed to fail.

5. Your Love is Put to the Test

Thank God for the technology, Skype, e-mails and web cams make it easier to contact with our loved one in any time. A long distance relationship puts your love to a test. Delete jealousy and insecurity from your love dictionary. Learn how to solve your problems calmly and rationally. Don’t forget that you’ll need lots of patience and will to make your relationship work.

6. Space for Yourself

Many couples love to say that grew up together. When you spend every day with you partner, you feel closer and you start having the same taste and ideas. A long distance relationship will give you more time and space for you to grow as an individual.

7. Serious Focus on a Career

Many people complain that being in a relationship takes a lot of their time and they don’t have enough time to focus on their career. Many times this lead to break ups. When you’re in a long distance relationship, you have more time to do your work commitments. Since you don’t spend every day with your partner, you can focus more on your studying or getting a raise.