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7 Matte Lipstick Hacks That Will Change Your Beauty Game

Matte lipsticks have become a huge trend in the past 2 years.  Just dab some lipstick and you will look perfect throughout the day. If you’re a fan of the matte lipstick trend, these 7 hacks will help you change your beauty game and apply matte lipstick to perfection.

1. Exfoliate your lips before applying matte lipsticks

It’s really important to exfoliate your lips before applying the lipstick if you don’t want to end up looking cakey. Use your favorite scrub and gently exfoliate your lips to get rid of all dead skin cells and get a nice and smooth canvas. Apply your favorite matte lipstick afterwards.

2. Lip balm will hold your lipstick for a longer period of time

Always apply some lip balm before applying matte lipstick. Lip balm will keep your lips hydrated and make your lips look completely matte.

3. Use a liner

Line your lips with a liner before applying the matte lipstick. After you’ve lined your lips, use the same liner to color in your lips halfway. This will prevent your lipstick from fading.

4. Apply a lip primer

Lips aren’t made from a single pigment and that’s why you need to neutralize them before applying any lipstick. Use a primer before applying your matte lipstick so that the color will come out vibrant and beautiful.

5. Use a tissue paper

Just touch a tissue paper directly on your lips after applying your lipstick to get rid of the excess lipstick. This method will also help your lipstick last longer.

6. Use a highlighter

Matte lipsticks can make your lips look smaller and if you already have small lips, use a highlighter to make them look visually bigger. Highlight the middle parts of your lips to add more volume and make your lips look more luscious.

7. Petroleum jelly

If you want to add a little shine but you don’t have any lip gloss, just put some Vaseline on your lips. The Vaseline will also help you easily remove matte lipstick.