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7 Korean Beauty Tips That Need to Become a Part of Your Makeup Routine

Korean women know how to take care of their skin and know how to use makeup to look absolutely flawless. These 7 Korean beauty tips will improve your look instantly.

Here are the 7 Korean beauty tips that need to become a part of your beauty routine:

1. Maintaining your skin healthy is a key to having gorgeous complexion. Here’s how Korean women get their flawless complexion:

2. Your base is extremely important. Apply some Korean BB or CC cream. It’s the perfect base and will even out your skin tone.


3. You’ve heard about highlighting but you don’t really get it? This video will show you how to highlight and what products to use to get incredible results.


4. Korean women love to accentuate their eyes. Here’s how to achieve the smokey eye effect by using only an eye pencil.


5. Have you noticed that most Korean women look very youthful? Here’s how to achieve that look:


6. Korean women like their eyebrows soft. They just fill their natural brows in and shape them to look more youthful.


7. Want to have gorgeous lips? Here’s how Korean women get gorgeous lips by using only makeup: