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7 Instagram Tricks To Get You More Followers

There are several reasons why people use Instagram, and many times it’s because they just need to make sure their voices are heard by as much people as possible, or for business marketing purposes.

The best way to ensure this on the social platform is to garner a good number of followers who can directly see what they are posting. This is even more important since Instagram is thought to have the highest ratio of organic reach of all social media platforms according to AceEx. Hence, Individuals looking to do some form of business or affiliate marketing on the network will surely would find need thousands or hundred thousands of followers. This is aside the fact that there are some people and companies like Gramlike build Instagram pages with huge followers to then sell them off.

That said, it isn’t always easy to get loads of followers on Instagram handle, especially if you don’t know these people in real life and even then how many thousand people can you know in real life? Unless of course, you’re a popular celebrity. This means there must be some methods and tricks to follow to allow you to reach the amount of follower you need. Here are some 7 proven tricks that could help you land all the followers you need on your Instagram, in record time.

  • You must get down to using only creative hashtags

People get fascinated and attracted to things that sounds unfamiliar but yet, interesting. One of the ways to get people’s attention, is to always make them see something interesting that leaves them inquisitive, and wanting to visit your profile. When they visit for some three or four times, they tend to have decided to hit the follow button already. But remember, using creative hashtags must be a consistent thing, backed up by some really good stuff, each time.

  • Adopt a style, build it and stick to it

There is something important about having an online identity that comes from the very things you do. When you’ve settled down on a line of expertise; maybe comedy, fashion, technology, health, etcetera, Instagram users who find your style captivating, would likely follow without hesitating too much. The way to go about this, is by posting and sharing relevant content that has some important details that is either new to people, or that seems like an apt reminder.

  • Promote your dedicated hashtags everywhere you can

To get speedy results, you must consider this a very important thing to do. Posting up your hashtag on forums, and other social media platforms can lead the traffic to your IG accounts, and if you’re able to incorporate the good content part, then you can be sure of recording more likes in few weeks.

  • Make your followers see that you’re interested in them and that they have something to benefit

If you are concerned about raising the numbers alone, you may end up doing more work trying to keep the followers you yet have. When building an Instagram network of followers, always show your followers some reason to believe their following you, has some enormous benefits lurking around. This could make them share your tags and direct other users to follow. But as an advice, don’t promise what you cannot give.

  • Don’t forget to post regularly

It is easier to assume an account is dormant if there are no recent posts, or if the distance intervals between posts are not close to themselves. One way to engage people is to post content regularly that gets them talking, discussing interacting. With this, you can be assured that they’ll stay, and also invite others.

  • Fill in organized and detailed bio on your profile

When people visit an Instagram handle, one of the first things they check is the bio information on that profile. It is easier to see people convince themselves to stay when the bio information shows that the manager of it, has tendencies to offer the things that interest them. Keeping a scanty or unorganized Instagram bio, is sending users off once they visit.

  • You could work with social media influencers

This is one way to get the job done. Social media influencers already have the popularity they need to convince people to like a page or product. If you can reach an agreement with any of them, this is also another valid way to get more followers in no time.

Ultimately, when adopting these methods, an important aspect that makes it work, is an ability to incorporate ingenuity to your Instagram content; it goes a long way.

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