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7 Home Decor Hacks to Spruce up Your Living Space

Within the home, the living space is one of the most used rooms. After a long day at work, we like to relax on the couch to chat, read, or watch TV, and towards the end of the week, many of us enjoy hosting friends and family.

With the summer months approaching, now is the perfect time to start switching things up if you’re craving change around your home. To help you create a living space that embodies everything you love and enjoy, we share 7 home décor hacks to spruce up your living space in this guide.

Hang your favorite artwork

It might sound simple, but hanging your favorite artwork or pictures of you, your friends, and your family can make all the difference to your living space. Not only can artwork add a touch of color and character, but photographs can remind you of the memories you’ve made with the people you love the most.

If you’re worried about damaging your walls, STAS art hanging systems are a versatile alternative to the classic picture hook. Hanging systems also give you more flexibility and control over creativity, meaning you can keep adding and rearranging your artwork as the mood takes you.

Keep it seasonal

Spring, summer, autumn, and winter – each season brings fresh perspectives on colors, furnishings, and the way your home feels. Harnessing the best of each season and what each offers is a great way to freshen your indoor living space without breaking the bank. In fact, there are plenty of budget-friendly home décor hacks, such as hand-crafting new seasonal wreaths, that can help you keep your space seasonal and on-trend.

Add some color to your walls

When sprucing up your living space, sometimes adding a fresh lick of color is all that’s needed. Before investing in paint or wallpaper, take a moment to stand in your living space and think about the atmosphere you want to create. Do you want your living space to feel calm, relaxing, and homely? Or are you looking for a more upbeat and energized atmosphere?

The colors you opt for should be influenced by what you want from your space. For example, neutral colors are often better if you’re looking to create a tranquil environment. In contrast, bright and bold colors are ideal if you want to create a room full of energy.

Invest in a large mirror

If you’ve ever sat in your living space during the day and thought the room seemed small or dimly lit, investing in a mirror could be your ideal solution. Not only can large mirrors hung on the wall or propped against the mantelpiece capture light and create a brighter atmosphere, but they can also make your living space seem much bigger.

Use textiles and fabrics

Mirrors, artwork, and a pop of color are great starting points for sprucing up your living space. But soft furnishings and other textiles found in the home are also highly recommended. Adding a large rug under your coffee table can act as a centerpiece and put the finishing touches to your room. Likewise, adding cushions to your couch can offer comfort and character.

Rethink your lighting

While you might think that your lighting has little impact on your living space, it can actually influence the ambiance of any room. As you rethink your lighting, take advantage of guides exploring the main lighting types suited to living spaces before purchasing new lamps or light bulbs.

Make changes to the layout of your room

Last but not least among our 7 home décor hacks to spruce up your living space is changing the layout of your living area. An often overlooked tip, moving your couch or hanging your mirror in a different location can open up your room, offering you more space to enjoy.

To conclude

Sprucing up your living space might seem daunting, but sometimes simple things like changing your lighting, hanging your favorite artwork, and keeping it seasonal are all that’s needed.

Remember, your space is exactly that – yours. So, make sure you add a touch of your personality and the comforts that bring you the most joy to create a space you love spending time in.