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7 Health Benefits of Golf for Women

Golf has always been known to be a leisure sport. It is among the most played sport all over the world and is still gaining much popularity. Golf is an outdoor game, always played on a course that might cover an area of about 30 to 200 acres.

The main objective of this sport is simple as it requires you to propel the golf ball into multiple holes using a few strokes as you can.

Well, if any woman out there is reading this, try golfing today and see your life transform. You might even develop a lot of interest in it and want to buy new senior golfer golf clubs.

Anyway, a part of seeing it as a sporting action, there are also some health benefits you can get from playing golf and below are some of them.

1. Outdoor exposure

As we said before, a golf course might cover an area of about 200 acres, that’s pretty wide, right? This will need you to be outdoors. Nature basking can provide you with many benefits when it comes to your health.

Scientists have proved that getting constantly exposed to green areas might relax your body among other things. Well, you will not only be getting exposed to the green environment but also to direct sunlight.

This will allow your body to acquire vitamin D thus promoting the growth of your bones; it also reduces the chances of being depressed among other things.

2. Promotes relationships

Golf is also seen as a good way if not the best to keep in touch with your friends. This is a very socially enjoyed sport as it also provides you with an opportunity to meet with new people.

Well, unlike other sports golf is usually not that intense thus you can always find time to interact and chat with your fellow golfers.

Some studies even show that quite a good number of deals are usually closed on golf courses.

3. Bladder training

For women, playing golf can be of great advantage when it comes to bladder training. When you walk for up to 27 holes, it can be seen as a way of training your bladder.

The longer you can take while holding it, the more you will be strengthening its capacity. Other women golfers also noted that engaging in golf as a sport can help in strengthening leg muscles mostly on the quadriceps.

4. Burning calories

Of course, when playing golf, some calories will have to be burned down. Walking around a 200-acre piece of land is an exercise on its own.

When you get rid of the golf cart, you might cover a distance of about 7 kilometers on an average golf course. Carrying your own clubs will see you burn even more calories.

If you put all these activities together, that is, walking. Swinging and carrying your own clubs, you can burn around 1000 calories in a game.

5. Keeps up the heart rate

You can choose to play golf as a way of exercising your heart. Just like burning calories, when you walk, swing or even carry the clubs, you will be increasing your heart rate.

This helps in keeping your heart to pump thus increasing the blood flow. Increasing your heart rate can reduce the chance of getting heart diseases and also bad cholesterol levels.

6. Brain functioning

Increase in heart rate will also lead to increase in blood flowing to your brain. This can be able to stimulate the connections of the nerve cell.

This is just enough to lower the chances of having mental illnesses like dementia. Well, another thing is that, as you compete with others, you will also strive to achieve best scores than the previous one.

This is a healthy challenge as it boosts your self-esteem and confidence. The processes and steps involved in golfing will always keep your brain active when it comes to logical functions.

7. Better sleep

At the end of the day, you will need some time to rest after a tiresome golfing action. As you know, sleep is also a major requirement for the body to keep on functioning well.

Golfers will always fall asleep much faster and easily. They will often sleep deeply for an extended time period because of the energy spent while on the course.

It is always advised that you take some time to sleep because it helps in generating cells and repairing tissues and muscles in your body.


As you have seen, these are only some few benefits women can always get when they decide to play golf as a way of passing time or even professionally.

Other health benefits may include reducing stress, having a more active lifestyle and better or improved vision among other things. Playing golf also helps you in keeping fit generally thus can help in greatly reducing the chances of being attacked by various diseases.

Most of all, it helps in driving away boredom. Have you ever imagined working all day every day?

Author Bio

My name is Patricia B. Domingo. I was born into a golfing family. My father put a golf club in my hand as soon as I could make a fist and set up a golf practice net in our backyard to start my siblings and me very early. He even taught junior league at our country club when each of us were of age.

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