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7 Hairstyles That Will Take Off Years

Our hairstyles suggestions are inspired by the red carpet, but they’re pretty simple and stylish. If you want to take years off, grab the blow dryer and refresh your look in minutes!

Here are the 7 hairstyles that will take off years:

1. Pumped out ponytail

The hairstyle that Tina Fey wears creates a lifting effect and emphasizes her eyes.


How to get the look:

Create a a ponytail while leaving a small section of your hair above your forehead. Lift this section and back-comb it using short, downward strokes. Spray it with some hair spray. Incorporate the section into the ponytail and attach it with bobby pins.Gently comb to smooth the top layer. Finish off by spraying hair spray.

2. Bouncy bob

A voluminous, graduated bob will bring attention to your neck and decollete. This look is inspired by the amazing Viola Davis.


How to get the look:

Create curls by using a small-barrel curling iron. Curl the curls in all directions because this way you’ll create a more natural and softer look. Finish the hairstyle by spraying some shine spray.

3. Side swept crop

Mary J. Blige’s hairstyle softens any age-related imperfections!


How to get the look:

Create a deep part on the side you prefer. Grab the blow dryer and blow dry your hair to create more volume. Once you’re done with the blow dryer, grab a large-barrel curling iron. Roll sections of your hair and create soft waves at the crown and hairline. Finish with some hairspray.

4. Sleek chignon


Julianne Moore’s hairstyle has a tightening effect and softens her facial features.

How to get the look:

Create a side part above the peak of one brow. Smooth your hair and create a low ponytail. Start twisting the ponytail until you create a chignon. Secure your hair with bobby pins and spray some hairspray.

5. Finger waves

This hairstyle will emphasize your cheekbones and draw attention to your eyes.


How to get the look:

Create a deep side part. Grab a 1 inch barrel curling iron and create curls parallel to your part. Wrap your curls into coils before your hair dries and secure them with pin curl clips. Let the curls set for 20 minutes and then brush the waves.

6. Sleek pixie

Faith Hill’s hairstyle frames her beautiful face and brings attention to her gorgeous eyes.


How to get the look:

Apply some sculpting gel throughout your hair while it’s still damp. Blow dry your hair with a flat brush and add some hairspray for extra shine and control.

7. Low ponytail


This low and sleek ponytail will frame your face and add sophistication.

How to get the look:

Create a center part. Create a low, smooth ponytail while leaving out a few shorter strands around your face. Add some hairspray to hold the style.