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7 Great Exercises for Toned Stomach You Probably Don’t Do

Women dream about having flat and toned stomach but stress and bad nutrition prevent this dream from becoming a reality. Toned stomach is a key to having a perfect silhouette and that’s why women are always looking for new exercises to help them tone their abdominal area.

Sarah Klein, a personal trainer, recommends you to add these exercises in your training routine:

1. Bird-Dog


When stretching, try to keep your hand and leg parallel to the floor. Repeat this exercise 10 times on both sides.

2. Bridge with Lifting One Leg 


Do 10 repetitions with your left leg and then 12 with the right.

3. Spiderman Plank


Plank exercise is great for a strong core. Lifting your leg like Spiderman, you’re taking the plank to a whole other level and you engage more stomach muscles. Do the plank 30 seconds with your right leg and then 30 second with the right leg.

4. Leg Lifting


Tis exercise is a big, physical challenge. Try to keep your legs straight and repeat the exercise 10 times.

5. Stirring


Do 5 circles to the left and then 5 circles to the right.

6. Dragging the Exercise Ball


Training with an exercise ball activates so many muscles only by trying to be in balance. Do 10 repetitions.

7. Caterpillar


It’s important to keep your back and legs straight. Move like a caterpillar 10-60 seconds.

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