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7 Everyday Habits That Might Harm Your Appearance

Maybe your everyday habits are useful, but most can be harmful to your appearance and speed up the aging process.

A ponytail is your easiest hairstyle

Yes, we know that it’s your favorite hairstyle, but wearing your hair in a ponytail everyday, can lead to baldness and receding hairline in the future.

You apply sunscreen only on your face

When it comes to applying sunscreen, most of the women use it only to the face, and forget the other parts of the body. Hands are the most sensitive to aging, that’s why it is important to apply sunscreen, especially in summer or when you’re driving.

You brush your hair when it’s wet

This is the most common mistake in your hair care routine. Brushing your hair when it is wet, can lead to splitting hair ends. First dry your hair with a towel or blow-dry to avoid hair damage.

You pluck your eyebrows before applying makeup

Never pluck your eyebrows before applying makeup, it can cause skin irritation around your eyes. The best time for tweezing your eyebrows is in the evening after washing your face.

You constantly rub your eyes

If you like rubbing your eyes, remember it is a very bad habit, since it can damage your lashes. Also, it might harm the skin under the eyes, making them red and look tired.

You touch your face very often

Maybe, you cannot notice this doing often, but touching your face with dirty hands can cause skin irritation and infections. Constant skin scratching can lead to early wrinkles and acne. Try with self-control to get rid of this nasty habit.

You powder your face too often

Stop powdering your face hundreds of times a day, it may clog your pores. Instead, you can use blotting paper to make your face good-looking.