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7 Dental Hygiene Tips You Cannot Ignore

One of the most universal fears is the dreaded trip to the dentist. This is the true test to whether you’ve been brushing. It’s alike like a real-life Santa Claus.

So, before you stress out about your next trip to the dentist, follow these simple tips for better dental hygiene.


1. Eat the Right Foods

Diet isn’t just important for a healthy body. It’s also important for a healthy mouth.

You should aim to eat foods that are very low in starch and sugars. These types of foods have a higher risk of causing germs and bacteria to damage your teeth. Giving you issues such as cavities and infections, which could ultimately lead to a dentist trip with a filling from a universal composite. You want to keep your teeth a long time, so be sure to take care of them!

A diet rich in calcium, Vitamin’s D and B, iron, and zinc help with strengthening teeth.

2. Avoiding All Tobacco

There no secret, smoking dims the shine of your teeth as well as stains them. The bad health dangers aside, smoking and chewing tobacco gives you a much higher risk of getting oral cancers. It also can lead to many different periodontal complications.

It’s better to stay away from tobacco if you want pearly white teeth.

3. Limit Damaging Drinks

Food and delicious sugary candies aren’t the only things that can negatively impact your dental health. Shocking may

Not only that, these drinks can lead to complications like gum disease and tooth decay. Drinks like these are harmful to your gums and teeth and it would be smart to limit the amount you consume them.

4. Brush Teeth Properly

While most of us routinely brush daily as healthy habit, a lot if not most of us, may be brushing incorrectly.

I know what you’re thinking, what’s the “correct” way?

Brushing your teeth properly is a matter of following the dentist recommended way of circular motions. It’s as easy as that.

Going up and down, left and right, in a gentle manner. This creates a better cleaning for your teeth. A lot of people brush only one way and that way may not be cleaning as much of an area as you think. Make sure you follow this technique properly for better oral health.

5. Cleaning Your Tongue

This is one of the most overlooked and most underperformed parts of good dental health. Besides your teeth, the tongue has just as much contact with food and drink.

Cleaning the tongue is just as important as cleaning your teeth. You should daily clean the surface of your tongue with either a brush or a tongue cleaner. When we clean the tongue, we are eliminating the germs and bacteria that remain from food and foreign debris like from nail biting. If you fail to clean the tongue you run the risk of having those germs and bacteria damage your teeth gradually.

6. Daily Flossing

Simply only brushing doesn’t get everything cleaned. Bacteria, germs, and food remnant remain trapped in those hard to reach areas between teeth. Flossing daily should be done to ensure a clean mouth. Food leftovers can cause an odor as well as leads to plaque

I don’t think too many people enjoy flossing. Most share the same feeling of not being able to get the motions down to do it properly. Some others don’t like it because they have sensitive gums and flossing causes them to bleed. Both situations can be fixed though.

Devices like flossing sticks can help you get the motions down as well as give you a better experience compared to rolling out floss yourself.

7. Routine Dentist Visits

The most helpful way to improve your dental health are routine visits to the dentist. Whether is annually or semi-annually, the dentist’s job is to help you discover any issues before they get bad.

These visits include a good cleaning as well. Just lay back and enjoy someone brushing your teeth for you and you recline back with your feet up.

Dentists are skilled in seeing and notifying you of weakness in your regimen. Helping you to get better and prevent oral problems like cavities, root canals, and gum disease. Make sure you never miss your check up!

Dental health is a serious matter. Life all aspect of your health, it should be always improved and never slacked. The best way to get over your fear of dentist is to have such a healthy mouth that they won’t have anything negatively to say. Following these tips is a great start.