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7 Brilliant Ways To Save Money On Kids Clothes

Parents are well aware of the fact that children’s clothing can take a chunk out of the budget. Even your wardrobe can do the same if you purchase expensive clothing. The difference is that adults do not outgrow their clothing anytime soon and can take care of the clothes as an investment. Having said that, children grow up very fast and many outgrow their clothes before they get the money’s worth from them. If children’s clothing is a huge part of your annual expenses, there are ways you can handle it. Fortunately, there are different things you can try to save money on kids clothes. Let us take a look at a few best ways to save money on clothes.

1. Subscription boxes

An important part of 2020, subscriptions have become an ideal solution for our needs. With restrictions on movement due to COVID-19, subscription boxes are a great way to purchase clothes for your kids. Kidpik, a kids clothing box will send them a box of style, filled with 3 personalized, mix-and-match outfits, every 1, 2, or 3 months based on your preferences. There is no styling fee, and you can enjoy free delivery and returns. Additionally, you get an entire week for your child to try on the clothes. You and your children can enjoy free styling and shipping, and you only pay for what you keep.

2. Clearance

Shopping from clearance racks is a unique experience. There is nothing better than purchasing new clothing that is available for 90% off the regular price. Different department stores put the seasonal items on sale throughout the year to make space for new arrivals. You can make the most of the clearance items whenever you get a chance. When searching for clothes, you may or may not find clothes that fit your child at this point of time but you should plan for the future. When you can find great pieces at a low cost, you should buy them in larger sizes.

3. Clothing swaps

It is a good idea to participate in clothing swaps to save money. You will find different clothing swap events held at community buildings or in the basement of the church. You can take your child’s outgrown clothes in and trade them for clothes that fit them right now. If there are no such activities in your locality, you can start your clothing swap group with other mom friends and gather every few months to swap out the clothing.

4. Choose gender-neutral clothing

Parents who have more than one child should opt for gender-neutral clothes. So, when the elder child outgrows them, it is ideal to set them aside until you can use them for the second child. If you have a child and are planning to have another baby in the future, you should opt for gender-neutral clothing. You can easily match the tan, yellow or green items with a bow tie or a headband to complete the outfits.

5. Repurpose clothes

A lot of parents already follow this practice. They repurpose the clothes that the child has outgrown or is slightly worn. If the child has a pair of pants that are worn out at the bottom, cut them and make a pair of shorts for them. It is also possible to repurpose long-sleeved shirts in short-sleeved ones that can last for another six months.

6. Buy and subscribe online

The easiest way to save money on clothing is to purchase and sell online. You can make use of online consignment websites where you can send in gently used clothing and get a store credit. You can then buy more clothing that is suitable for your child. The consignment shops have rules and they only accept gently worn clothes with zero stains or flaws. This means you also get a chance to buy clothes that are in perfect shape.

7. Avoid holiday-specific purchases

It can be tempting to shop for your children when you see a beautiful red dress around Christmas or when you see cute little suits for boys. However, this is a major waste of money. Your child will only use the clothing once because they will not fit the next year. Instead of buying holiday-specific outfits, why not buy something that you can use a little more and get your money’s worth out of them? Purchase outfits that can be worn for other occasions as well, like their birthday or the day they start school.

It is not difficult to save money on children’s clothing or yours for that matter. You can find various options out there to do just that but you need to plan well in advance and be a little flexible. Try to look at the right places and you will be able to find clothes that are affordable and durable.