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7 Amazing Ways to Be Awfully Lucky in Love

Did you ever wish you were very lucky in love? It feels unfortunate when fate seems to have always veered off course. When the dates and relationships you have been through just all went downhill. It feels even more frustrating when you see your friends getting engaged and tying the knot and you are just on the side cheering them with love and greetings!

Truly, it is a human’s nature to seek for love. If not, we won’t be wandering around looking for it. The self-help books about love from the well-known writers and experts will not fill out the shelves of every bookstore to comply with our concerns. But every now and then, each of us tries to grasp every possible way to find the luck in love! Fortunately, there are ways to give your love stories butterflies and colors and perhaps, one day, you’ll end up with the best love story you have always wanted.

It may not be easy but you can do something to drive the luck into your love life. We have jotted down the amazing ways you can try and who knows, you might find your luck today!

1. Be tactfully sensitive to how a person behaves toward you

There is probably a person that you’ve gotten along pretty well, perhaps at work or someone you have known since high school or way longer than that. Some people don’t have the guts to vent out their feelings. Actions are sometimes just enough to express what they really want to say.

If you are carefully sensitive to how a person behaves toward you, it can be a hint that he or she is totally into you and you just don’t know it! When that person takes you out for dinner or for a cup of coffee, sends you messages of encouragement, stays up late to talk with you about random stuff, and shows you genuine concern when you feel tired and get sick; these are the things you can’t just brush off. Don’t get too blinded by your high standards or dreamy guys and girls. Sometimes, the Mr. or Ms. Right you’ve been looking for is just right beside you all this time.

You may find that special someone within your circle of friends in school, at work, or in your neighborhood. And when your intuition kicks in and you feel that this person’s given you an attention more than a friend should, this is one hell of a chance you have to grab!

2. Be ready to take the risks

When a door closes, another door opens and another door, another window, and so on. The bottom line is: when you’ve lost an opportunity, believe that another one will soon pop up. In love, sometimes you really have to get out of your comfort zone and give every opportunity a shot. When someone steps up and asks you on a date, for a coffee, or just a walk around the park, why don’t you take that chance and find your luck?

Inevitably, there are times when we’re unsure about our choices, especially when it comes to love and choosing a potential partner for life. It is true that you have to be extra careful but how could you go on without trying? You might miss your luck if you turn down every opportunity. Be confident and don’t be afraid to take the risks.

3. Always look on the brighter side

If you’ve been into many dates and relationships before and things didn’t work out, there’s no reason to lock yourself up in solitude. Whether you’ve walked away from that relationship or because you were dumped, you don’t have to be cynical about love. There are just times when everything just doesn’t go the way we want it. Not now but in the long run, it will.

When it seems that every relationship or opportunity is a failure, always look on the brighter side. Every cloud has a silver lining. Getting over your previous relationships will open another door for a better, happier and healthier love life.

4. Let go and move on

If you have a glass full of water, you can’t fill it up with another drink unless you empty it. The same principle applies when searching for love. You can’t go on looking for luck in love if you are still harboring resentment and regrets from your previous relationship. If you keep all the bitterness, you won’t be able to find new love. And if ever you do, you won’t be happy and content. It is like driving without starting the engine. You won’t go anywhere.

Before you get on with your adventures of finding your luck, you should learn to let go and move on. In that way, you will be able to welcome the chances that will come your way without every single pain and hatred in your heart. You can feel happiness and fulfillment in this whole new phase of your life.

5. Meet new people. Form friendships

Another way to maximize your chances of finding luck is meeting new people. Nowadays, social media has become a bridge to connect people across the globe and get them closer to each other. But it doesn’t mean you have to cling onto every stranger you see right on the list of suggested friends. Why don’t you start off with your acquaintances and friends of your friends?

Some find their luck from those who were introduced to them and later on, turned into a couple. Some go on blind dates and others find their better half from where they work, in a party, in a restaurant, or even in places where they would usually go. When you meet new people, it is a good chance to get to know them, form friendships, and maybe find that special someone!

6. Don’t be afraid to ask help from a trustworthy friend or family member who has been in a successful relationship

Some resort to self-help books for love advice or articles all over the web on how to deal with these so-called unlucky events. But rather than delving into your favorite books about love, why don’t you consult a trustworthy friend or family member for advice? Much better if they have been in a successful relationship before. They’ve got firsthand experiences that they can share with you; how they have dealt with the issues, differences, and how they’ve worked on to make their relationships last long.

As they have known you better than anyone else, they know how to help you and lead you on your way to finding the best luck in love!

7. Be patient. Don’t give up

If it seems that you’ve waited long enough, don’t give up just yet. It may sound like a cliché, but the right person will come along and sometimes, the least you expect it. Everything has its own appointed time and while you’re finding your luck in love, you can still enjoy all the time for yourself, friends, and family. It’ll also be the perfect time to know yourself better and know what kind of person you want to spend the rest of your life with.

Good things come to those who wait, as what they say. And if you wait just a little longer, your biggest luck in love may find its way to you!

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