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6 Ways To Fight Aging Skin

Getting older is a part of life and unfortunately often accompanied with fine lines and wrinkles. Luckily there are more products than ever on the market that can actually decrease the signs of aging. In addition, you can also get younger looking and more radiant skin by eating a healthy diet and reducing your stress levels. Here are six surefire ways to fight aging skin.

Avoid Tanning

Indoor tanning and outdoor tanning are equally bad for your skin. That tan may look healthy now but it won’t in 20 years. The only true “safe” tan is using a self tanner or applying bronzer. Avoid the outdoors between 10 AM – 2 PM when the sun is strongest and always wear a sunscreen in order to protect your skin. A sunscreen with a high SPF isn’t enough; make sure your sunscreen has adequate PPD protection in order to protect your skin from UVA rays which are responsible for aging.

Eat A Healthy Diet

Gorgeous skin starts inside out which means that what you feed your body is just as important as the skin care products you use. Load up on food that are rich in omega-3 fatty acids such as salmon and olive oil. These healthy fats help to repair skin’s moisture barrier which get weakened with time. Fish oil supplements are an excellent alternative if you’re finding it difficult to consume enough healthy fats.

Try to avoid foods which increase inflammation in skin such as wine, sugar and processed foods. Load up on foods that are high in Vitamin A since it’s responsible for boosting collagen levels for younger looking skin. Vitamin A can be found in liver, cream, eggs and milk.

Start Using Retinoids

Many skin care products claim to be the fountain of youth but the fact is that very few have been proven to work. One prescription-strength product which dermatologists and doctors agree does work is retinoids which can be found in numerous products including Retin-A and Renova. This ingredient has been proven to increase collagen production and also fight acne.

One of the side effects experienced by many users is peeling and as a result it’s recommended to introduce the product gradually into your skin care regimen. Start off applying it just every other day. Using sunscreen is imperative since retinoids make skin more vulnerable to the sun. If you notice redness try incorporating natural skin care products in order to avoid future irritation.

Incorporate A Cream With Peptides

Go beyond the basic moisturizer and pick a cream with anti-aging properties like peptides. These are made out of amino acids and work to boost collagen levels which decrease with age. Collagen is essential for firm and younger looking skin. Many affordable drug store brands, including Olay produce affordable peptides creams.

Develop A Skin Care Regimen

A solid anti-aging skin care regimen can consist of retinoids at night followed by a moisturizing peptide cream. Your morning routing should include a sunscreen high in PPD along with an antioxidant such as vitamin c serum. You may also want to exfoliate or use glycolic peels as necessary. Make sure to introduce products gradually and perform a patch test first if you have sensitive skin. It can take a few months before you start seeing results.

Reduce Stress Levels

Beauty is more than just skin deep; your stress levels can actually have a detrimental affect on your skin. A medical study shows that stress can actually reduce the skin’s natural ability to repair itself and even lead to moisture and water loss. Reduce your stress levels by getting plenty of sleep, incorporating a regular exercise routine, meditating and taking time out for yourself.

Don’t Forget Your Hands & Neck

The skin on your hands and neck can be telltale signs of age if you don’t take care of them. You can use the same products on your face as on your neck and hands such as vitamin c serum, Retin-A and most importantly sunscreeen.