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6 Tours to Try While in New Zealand

New Zealand is a beautiful country made up of two main islands. It is a top destination for travelers of all ages. We have made a list of the best things to do while visiting.

Lord of the Rings Tours

If you’re a true fan, you already know that it was filmed in New Zealand. There are tons of tours that will take you to see everything Lord of the Rings. You can take a cruise by bus or train. A tour by bus is great because they will make many stops along the way for you to take everything in. Many tours visit filming locations, even hobbit holes.

Zip Line

So, Lord of the Rings may not be your thing. That’s ok. That’s just one of the many fun things to do in NZ. If you are not afraid of heights, or you are a thrill seeker, zip lining is your must do. On your way up, you will learn about the environment and get to take in the beautiful scenery. Be sure to have a camera for the flight down.

Wine Tasting

If you want to sit back and relax, a wine tour could be great for you. You can travel through the area sampling different types of wines. This is a good choice for a group because the activity level is low and easy for everyone.


A beach trip is another good choice for groups or children. New Zealand is made up of two islands. They are quite different and so are the beaches. You can find soft beaches with blue water that are perfect for swimming or playing in the sand. If you are a fisherman, many of these beaches are great for fishing. Be sure to check the weather and water conditions before getting into the water.

Sand Dunes

If you are looking for fun in the sand, you’ve found it. Many people visit NZ for the sand dunes. You’ve probably heard of snowboarding, but what about sandboarding. Sandboarding is more like surfing. You slide down the dune on a board, like a surfboard.

ATV tours are very popular too. You can explore the dunes on a 4×4 buggy. This is a great for photo ops.



There are tons of hiking trails throughout New Zealand. Some trails are for beginners and some are for the advanced. Before starting a hike be sure to check the distance and skill level. If you want to be out in nature, this is a good choice. There are many things to see like wildlife and waterfalls. Be sure to pack insect repellent.

When you are ready to book your trip to NZ think about what activities that you are interested in. Are you wanting an adventure or a time to relax? Before heading out on your trip, do a little research. Check the weather and safety tips. Pack extra of your essentials. Have a plan ready in case something bad happens. Theft and injury can occur, so be prepared just in case. Also, make an itinerary so that you can visit all of the places you want to see.