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6 Top Rated Tourist Attractions To Visit In Saint Louis

Saint Louis is one of the most promising cities to visit to especially when traveling with kids. The said city has a lot to offer when it comes to tourist spots and attractions. Moreover, Saint Louis caters locations and spots that are very much catchy to different kids and adults. Usually these places offer a wide range of activities and unique amenities that many visitors and tourists enjoy so much.

Apparently, Saint Louis receives tons of tourists and visitors annually that it is very much advisable in the recent times to tour around the city with the help of St. Louis Limo Rentals for it enables a more convenient and efficient travel within the city.

The city of Saint Louis is inspired and influenced by Westward Expansion making it more a city rich in culture and history. Such basis and factors are one reason why there are a lot of great tourist spots in the said city. Here are the 6 top rated tourist attractions to visit in Saint Louis:

1. The Gateway Arch


Gateway Arch of Saint Louis is the most recognizable monument in the city. It is actually the embodiment of welcoming tourists and visitors of the city. The arch stands at a height of 630 feet of pure and quality type of steel. It is located at the banks of Mississippi river that serves as a welcoming monument.

The said monument is apparently one of the top rated tourist spots because of its beauty and exhilarating vibes in entering the city of Saint Louis.

2. The St. Louis Zoo


Sitting at the heart of the city’s Forest Park, St. Louis Zoo is one of the most famous attractions in the city. Due to the thousands of animals and species that the zoo offers, many people truly enjoy the location. In addition, St. Louis Zoo is free of charge excluding the unique activities that everyone could enjoy and experience.

Apparently, touring around St. Louis Zoo is one of the great experiences every tourist could have.

3. Magic House


Founded in 1979, the Magic House is entirely built for the purpose of teaching minds and experiencing life in the most enjoyable ways possible. The attraction offer different interactive amenities and facilities that focus on science and technology subjects. Integrating this matter to different magical scenario, kids and adults really enjoy visiting the Magic House.

4. Forest Park


The Forest Park is located in the heart of the city of Saint Louis. Historically, the park is included in the 1904 World Fair making it more a very famous and promising tourist attraction. Forest Park has a lot of sceneries and spots to enjoy to including the St. Louis Zoo. In addition, the park had situated different spots where travellers and tourists could enjoy to.

5. Louis Art Museum


Home of many creative artworks, lots of works by Van Gogh and different prominent artists may be found in St. Louis Art Museum. It is filled with more than 30,000 different wonderful and attractive artworks. The said tourist spot can be found within the Forest Park at the One Fine Arts Drive and may be visited from Tuesdays to Weekends.

6. Busch Stadium


Busch Stadium is very much famous for it is the home of the St Louis Cardinals. The stadium can hold 46,000 seats which apparently a factor why people come and visit the stadium. In addition, Busch Stadium is located beside the Ballpark Village which is actually a place full of bars and restaurants that contribute to the stadiums’ popularity.

Ultimately, these are the top rated tourist spots that can be visited every now and then in Saint Louis. What made them the one of the most prominent tourist attractions is the spots itself and the activities that may be done in the said locations. Undoubtedly, these locations must be your next destination to your travels and tours.