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6 Tips To Set Up An Ideal Home Office

Since we have been working from home for more than a year, we need to have a professional approach to it. Working from home comes with a set of benefits including setting your own schedule and saving money on commute. It also allows you to run a business with minimal overheads. However, being successful in the home office needs a space that motivates you and enhances productivity. You will need a professional workspace that is separate from your personal life. A lot of things are very important when setting up the home office and here are a few tips to help you with the same.

1. Identify your needs

Everything you require in the office will be based on the type of work you are engaged in. You might need a small desk for the computer and a large space for the artwork while someone else might need two monitors and a printer with sublimation ink for Epson to take out prints without a worry. Further, a consultant may need more space in the cabinet for files and a separate table for meetings with clients. Hence, the equipment required will vary from one person to another. You must create a list of all the essentials for the home office and set up a space that meets the requirements. Do not simply claim a corner in one of the rooms and think that it is good enough.

2. Have a separate space

The home office must be in a quiet area of the house where you enjoy privacy. It is essential to have a separate workspace if you live with children, roommates, or your spouse. If you are going to meet clients in the office, you should choose a room near the front entrance of the house. If you need space for design and tech, you need a space separate from the rest of the home.

3. Lighting is crucial

Always have the home office where you get plenty of light. You will be able to do your best work if there is abundant natural light in the room. Daylight can help improve your alertness and productivity. The windows and exposure to natural light will have an impact on your mental and physical wellbeing. You can also keep plants in your office to increase your productivity while you work.

4. Have a separate space for your gadgets

It is natural to become distracted if you do not have a manager looking over your shoulder at all times and this is also true if you keep all the gadgets with you in the office. You need to keep your smartphone away to ensure that you do not overuse it while working. Consider investing in a SOHO phone to increase your productivity and separate your work from your personal life. If you are self-employed, you cannot afford the wasted hours that you spent while checking one notification. From one notification, you will check your emails and social media and before you realize it, you have wasted more than an hour. You can use the devices for work but ensure that your home office is a productive space and you need to have a dedicated spot to keep the tablet or smartphone when you are not using them.

5. Keep the personal and professional separate

You must always keep your personal and professional life separate. If you run a business, set up a business bank account to avoid mixing the expenses. Always store the client records and financial records in a separate space. Like you cannot keep an eye on your kids and handle a client meeting, you do not need to handle the personal and business expenses at the same time. When you bifurcate the expenses, it will help handle the same with ease.

6. Keep time

A lot of us have ended up working for longer hours while working from home and this is only affecting our health and well-being. Research proves that you will be more productive if you get up and move around a little throughout the day. Do not remain seated for long hours at a stretch. The short mental rest period in the day can help improve the focus. It is easy to forget about the time while working from home but you need to keep track of time. It will encourage you to break up the workday and maintain the right working hours for a healthy work-life balance.

Keep these six tips in mind when setting up a home office. It will help improve your productivity and will ensure that you maintain the right work-life balance. Choosing the right space and setting up the desk efficiently makes a lot of difference to your productivity and it is something you should never take lightly. When you have the right space and desk accessories, it becomes easier to be your best while you work.