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6 Things Lawn Care Services Don’t Want You to Know

1. They Learnt to Take Care of Lawn by Mowing Their Own

Most individuals work in their yards, mowing or cutting their lawn. A growing part of the population hires professionals to make their lawns look good. Starting a business of lawn care and maintenance service requires mowing the grass, pruning shrubs and trees; requires more than a business license and a mower.

In most cases, training is not a necessity, making customers less confident in the person servicing their lawn. If they know what they are doing. Most homeowners are advised to check certifications of the lawn care company; whether they belong to national, state or local industry program.

Even though this does not always mean quality assurance, but at least it shows there is some education or training of the technicians. Checking if the business is licensed and insured ensure they will be liable in case of any damages or injuries caused when they are providing their services to homeowners.

2. The More They are Used, the More They are Needed

Most lawn care companies mow frequently and tend to keep the grass short. This is not always good for several reasons such as; it allows the sun to reach weeds allowing them to grow, the lawn can become stressed and killed, the grass would grow unevenly, and the cut grass would grow faster. This will require lawn care services more often hence becoming costly.

3. Some Customers Pay More Than Others

One of the factors lawn care companies consider before providing their services is the size of the lawn. Having huge flower beds or a pool in the yard reduces the size of the lawn. This is what differentiates the charge difference between different clients. Pre-payment for the lawn care service can be a good option to assist one in cutting the bill.

4. Soil Tests are Not Done Well

Soil tests assist in determining whether the lawn is in an acidic or alkaline environment. This will help know what type of nutrients the soil lacks. Soil should always be tested at least after every 3 to 5 years. Most lawn care services never test their client’s soil. All they do is guess the type of fertilizers to use. Not every soil in the client’s lawn needs to be tested because the soil of a particular area often has the same properties.

5. Use of Chemicals Can Become Costly

Lawn care services offer a variety of services to their customers besides mowing and fertilizer application. Use of herbicide to control weeds in the lawn and preventive fungicide treatment are the common services offered by them. Chemicals should be avoided as they might cause unintended consequences.

6. They Use Organic Lawn care Features

Lawn care professionals often use organic features by making use of pesticides as a last resort. Natural pest and weed control methods are also used by lawn care companies. Weeds can be eliminated naturally by aerating the soil to create space for grass to spread out in the lawn.

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