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6 Stylish Ways to Wear Denim

When we think of denim, we think of comfort, durability, versatility, hard work, and reliability. Yet, denim jeans are a staple in almost every wardrobe, and there are stylish ways to incorporate them into chic outfits.

While denim might seem like a quintessentially American fabric made famous by brands like Levis Made in the USA ®, denim is a fabric that originated in France. The word “denim” is short for the French term “Serge de Nimes.”

There are so many ways to wear denim, and denim comes in a wide variety of colors, blends, and weaves. So if you want to wear denim, your choices are almost limitless.
Choose from these six denim clothing garments to create a stylish look that takes advantage of denim’s best qualities.

1. Denim Jeans

While some people use the terms denim and jeans interchangeably, denim is a fabric, and jeans are a type of garment. Denim jeans are so popular that almost every wardrobe in the world includes one or two pairs.

There are many ways to wear denim jeans because denim, almost magically, goes with everything. Denim jeans can range from chic women’s pants to rugged work jeans for men. They can be stretchy, acid-washed, or baggy.

Wear your favorite skinny denim jeans with a tee shirt and a pair of strap sandals for a stylish combo that’s flirty, fun, and comfortable.

2. Denim Skirts

Denim skirts are classics, just like denim jeans. Classic denim skirts have a modest, feminine style that is timeless. No matter what type or color of denim skirt you choose, you can make the most of denim’s effortless style.

For fun, try a black monochrome denim outfit. Choose a long black denim skirt with a black tee and ankle boots. Add just the right touch of metallic jewelry for a classy monochromatic denim outfit.

3. Denim Shirts

The best denim shirts for women are traditional button-downs and can be worn a million ways. Roll up the sleeves, use it as a jacket, layer it over a tank top, or wear it under a cable knit sweater.

Your favorite denim shirt might be chambray denim, which is slightly different. Chambray is a softer weave than denim, but you get the same great look as denim, and it’s easier to wear.

Wear an oversized 100% cotton denim shirt with an animal print blouse, black leggings, and a pair of high heels for a striking look sure to catch someone’s eye.

4. Denim Jackets

Denim jackets are made of the same material as denim jeans and come in different colors, making them fun and easy to style.

While navy blue is the most popular choice for denim jackets, it is also available in classic 90s acid-washed. For a more comfortable, form-fitting denim jacket, choose stretch denim.

For a unique look, try a crop top tie-dyed denim jacket. Cropped denim jackets also go well with Bohemian maxi dresses, skirts, and knee-high leather boots. Wear over a t-shirt tucked into a pair of pants to make your legs look longer.

You also can’t miss when you pair your favorite denim jacket with the same color pair of blue jeans. It’s a classic style that works for older women, too.

5. Denim Vests

Jean vest outfits are perfect for layering during any time of year. Try one over a pair of jean shorts and a tank top outfit to make your summer outfits more versatile.

You can wear a denim vest over a button-down with leggings and ankle boots or a denim vest over a striped t-shirt dress with a pair of wedges.

In the fall, switch to long sleeves under your denim vests, and they work just as well—a three-quarter-length dress with a denim jean vest and knee-high boots.

6. Denim Overalls

Denim is versatile, colorful, and suited for many occasions, and one of the most flexible denim garments is denim overalls. Perhaps that’s because overalls aren’t just pants with bibs. They can also be overall skirts and shorts.

If you don’t pull it off right, your overalls outfit can look like you’re ready to pitch a bale of hay, but when you add a touch of chic, your overalls are transcended from work pants to eclectic casual wear.

Overalls were invented for the British Army in the 1750s, which might explain why they look so good with military boots. Try overalls of any color or style with military boots, and you will have a fun, glamorous outfit.

Denim Fashion Trends are Timeless

It’s a sure bet that denim fashion trends will be in style for decades. Denim is comfortable and versatile and goes with everything, which sets it apart from other fabrics.

Denim is iconic. That feeling you get when you see an honest, reliable worker is the same feeling you get from denim. Denim is durable and trustworthy, and everyone loves it.