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6 Skincare Mistakes We All Commit

We all want to look young and pretty, but very few of us really know how to. While one option is to turn to makeup and hide blemishes and other such issues, but makeup is nothing more than a temporary solution.

It does not provide permanent benefits, and it is also very expensive. Plus, you cannot always wear makeup. And if you do wear makeup a lot, then you’re actually committing a skincare mistake.

There are a lot of things that all of us do that make our skin look dull. Staying away from such things can help us look younger and prettier.

Without much ado, let’s have a look at six skincare mistakes we all commit:

1. Wearing Too Much Makeup

Women love makeup and not all of us wear it to look better or hide skin flaws. Some of us wear it simply because we love to do so. But, do you know that wearing too much makeup can actually harm your skin?

Makeup basically covers your skin and prevents it from getting fresh air. Your skin needs to breathe. You have pores that need to open and if they always stay covered under makeup, they will not be able to excrete properly, resulting in an acne breakout and other such problems.

For this reason, you must be careful about how much makeup you wear and when.

The ideal solution is to avoid heavy makeup, unless you are going to an event. Moreover, remove all makeup before you hit the bed so that your skin can do its job while you are asleep.

Always use high quality makeup remover to remove all makeup. This may sound like a chore, but it is important for the life of your skin.

2. Using Poor Quality Products

Make sure to be careful about the products that you use. You do not necessarily have to turn to branded products. They’re expensive, and are not always the best.

The solution lies in being careful about what you buy. For example, Korea’s 10-step skin care trend covers all products that you need for a good skin. It tells you what a product should contain and what it should not contain, and this is all that you need to remember when you step out to buy a new product for your skin.

3. Using Products Not Made For Your Skin Type

Buy products that are made for your skin. Your skin may be oily, dry or full of acne. There are products out there made for specific skin type.

Everything from soaps to moisturizers can be bought according to your skin type. If you really want to enjoy all the benefits of a product, you must make sure to remember this point.

Don’t just buy anything you like, make sure it is suitable for you.

4. Not Changing Our Skincare Routine With Changes in Weather

Our skin is largely affected by weather conditions. You must make sure to bring changes to your skincare routine as weather changes.

For example, winter causes the skin to get dry. During such times, you should use moisturizers more often to keep your skin moisturized at all hours. On the other hand, the need to use a moisturizer declines in summers, whereas the need to turn to a sunblock increases.

This is not a major change which is why a lot of us neglect it, but make sure to keep this point in mind if you want to keep your skin healthy all year round.

5. Using Products That Contain Chemicals

Chemicals are bad for your skin. There are no two opinions on that. This is why you must turn to products that are chemical free.

There are organic skincare products out there that use natural ingredients as the main ingredient. However, it should be mentioned that not all chemicals may be bad for you.

If a product uses good chemicals and in the right amount, then there may be no harm in using it. The key lies in going through the ingredients and doing a good amount of research before buying a product so that the risk is minimized. Always use products that are approved by the FDA.

6. Believing All That We Hear

Do not make the mistake of believing all that you hear. There are many skincare   myths out there, and you must make sure to not fall for them.

In a nutshell, avoid home remedies and products that you are not sure about. Do not try something new just because it worked for one person. People are different and so are their skin types. What work for one individual may not work for the other, so be careful about what you try on your skin.

Make sure to avoid these skincare mistakes and you will have no issues with your skin.

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