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6 Rules Every Girl With Curly Hair Should Live By

Here are some tips for great looking curly hair every girl should know.


Rule #1

Use the right shampoo

Use the right shampoo for curly hair. Choose a shampoo that addresses more than one hair concern: beauty and scalp protection.


Brush your hair before taking a shower

This will make it easier to brush your hair after it’s clean. Condition your hair with a couple of brush strokes before wetting it. Don’t forget that wet hair is the weakest and most vulnerable.


Don’t use strong coloring products

If you’re thinking of coloring your hair anytime there’s a new hair color trend, think about it twice. Coloring products contain peroxide, ammonia and many other harsh chemicals that can damage your hair and make it unhealthy.


Avoid too much sunlight exposure

Your hair can also be a victim of the damaging UV rays. UV rays can damage your hair and make it look dry. So next time you go out on the sun, put a cute little hat on or simply grab an umbrella to protect your locks.


Lather with intent

Young hair, which is found near to the scalp contains the most oil. On the other hand, ends are the driest. The best thing to do is follow the rule of thumb- lather from root to end. Don’t drown your head in tons of product. Massage the product into your head and your hair will be thankful for this treatment.


Make some changes in your diet

Learn what nutrients can help you have amazing looking and healthy hair. Cut off the oily junk food and start eating more nuts and salmon. Salmon and nuts are extremely beneficial for your hair because they’ll give you extra omega-3 fatty acids and proteins.