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6 Reasons Why You Should Go for Open Photobooth Hire

Unlike popular belief, not all photo booths offer the same experience. There is a reason why the traditional box photo booth is ideal for public places such as malls and parks and not necessarily for weddings and family events. On the other hand, great experiences are matched with the use of open photobooths in social gatherings.

Getting the right type of photo booth for your event is essential. MiskSA Adelaide offers some of the best options in today’s age. Here are six reasons why the open booth should be your number one option when hosting a family gathering or wedding.


One of the most critical factors to keep in mind when choosing a photo booth is space. The first question should be whether you have enough space to display a photo booth, and the next is how many people will be allowed to fit in one photo. Open photo booths can be made to fit whichever space you desire.

Box photo booths are ideal for couple shoots which are, in most cases, private. Open photo booths allow more people to be part of the action. The entire family can fit and make as many faces as they like without anyone being obscured.


Open photo booths can be moved from a company’s office to the client’s event without having to look for a unique means of transport necessarily. Some require a few poles to create a firm background display. However, these poles are usually unique stands that are portable and can be bend to fit the carriage space and later on lined up for display.

In other cases, an open photo booth company will use whatever is available at the event such as trees, for garden weddings or hay for countryside weddings. Such cases need no extra items to be transported to the venue, except for the camera.

Easy Set-ups

Putting an open photo booth together does not have to be complicated. Sometimes simplicity is classy. Many at times, whatever is available can be used to come up with stunning displays. It is incredible how a chair, a table, a couple of sheets and some flowers can do when creating an open photo booth.

To add more fun, your kids could help in setting up the booth. It is also safe since dangerous tools are not always needed during this process.

Limitless Creativity

If you are thinking of going all out with your photo booth, then an open photo booth will not stop you. It is the ideal pick for both outgoing and laid-back clients. You could do simple plain backgrounds matching the theme of the occasion or opt for crazy displays plus accessories to spice up the experience.

Creativity does not end with the booth’s creation. It goes on to when guests are taking their shots. Given that there is enough space to explore different postures, one can do anything that their mind can picture. Sitting, laying down or standing, the booth will serve your creativity.

Highly Attractive

One of the most admirable features of an open photo booth is its ability to capture guests’ attention. From the way it is displayed to its size and all available accessories, everyone will want to take a shot. Depending on the type of occasion, you could use popular movie characters or cartoons to capture the guests’ imaginations.

Movie heroes and cartoon themed open photo booths are not limited to kids. You will be surprised at the number of adults who always want to bring out the childish part of them at such occasions. Parents will as well want to tag along in their kids fun and get amazing images for their family photo wall.

Budget Flexibility

When hiring a box photo booth, you will have to consider the cost of hiring the box itself then add other accessories in relation to your party’s theme. However, hiring an open photo booth does not have to involve a box or other expensive parts. Though some may improve your booth, if you do not have the budget for them, you can choose different less complicated set-ups, yet still attractive and fun.

Most open photo booths are custom made per client’s needs. This allows for budget flexibility and creativity.


All types of photo booths will help you capture memories that you will remember for a lifetime. However, open photo booths will spice up the experience and give you unlimited creativity and fun. The best part is you get to choose how customary made you desire it to be. If you are planning the next family gathering, a wedding or your kids birthday party, an open photo booth is likely to serve you right.