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6 Reasons We Are Attached to Our Favorite Mugs

Let’s face it. Most of us have a cupboard full of mugs but we always go back to that same one. You know the one – it’s a little out of place, old, very loved, and it’s the one you always use. This is your favorite mug, and it is yours alone!

But why are we attached to our favorite mugs? There are millions of great mugs out there, but each person seems to have an emotional attachment to one mug. In fact, research shows that 60% of people report having an emotional attachment to a single mug. Around 40% of those people view their mugs as irreplaceable. One-third of people report that they would be devastated if something happened to their mug.

This all begs the question of why we are attached to our favorite mugs. What is it about the mug or us that makes the connection so strong? According to science, there are six reasons why we’re attached to that favorite mug. Let’s take a look.

6 Reasons We Are Attached to Our Favorite Mugs

  1. It’s My Mug: Studies show that people value their coffee mugs because it gives them a sense of personal ownership. Called the “endowment effect” people can overvalue their own possessions, even if it is something seemingly trivial, like a mug. It’s your mug, and you don’t want anyone else using it.
  2. It Reminds You of Something: Many people choose a favorite mug based on an event or occasion it is attached to. Maybe you got it for graduation, or your grandmother passed it down to you after she died. Or it could be as simple as remembering where you were in life when you bought it.
  3. The Mug Gets You: Many favorite mugs are embellished with a quote, logo, slogan, or customization that speaks to you on a personal level. Your favorite mug may be conveying a meaningful message, or it could be a representation of your personality. For reference, check out My Pride Apparel’s Black pride mugs. Mugs can say a lot about their owners, including their favorite sports team, alma mater, organization, or your favorite TV show.
  4. Your Mug Warms Your Heart: Some people get attached to their mug because of the type of beverage they drink. Research shows that wrapping your hands around a warm mug often makes people think about their loved ones with warm feelings. Add to that the aroma and taste of your favorite hot beverage, and the act of drinking a cup of tea or coffee can be extremely rewarding.
  5. It’s Part of Your Routine: If filling your mug with coffee or tea in the mornings is part of your routine, then that could explain why you are emotionally attached to your mug. Your mug can, essentially, become part of your routine, and you start to look forward to enjoying a hot beverage with your sidekick.
  6. Your Mug Helps you Relax: For people who get up early or who have stressful mornings, holding your mug and sipping your favorite hot beverage can help you calm down, slow down, and be in the moment. Sipping and breathing are excellent ways of soothing a busy or stressed out mind.

Chances are that you have never thought about why your favorite mug is your favorite mug. Nonetheless, your emotional attachment to your favorite mug may run deeper than you imagine.