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6 Outfits That Never Go Out Of Style

Since current trends involve becoming a minimalist and having a capsule wardrobe, more and more women are trying to get by with less clothing. Women all around the world are jumping on the minimalist bandwagon and either donating or consigning the clothes they no longer need. It goes without saying that when you’re purging your closet, you’ll want to hold onto the clothing that will never go out of style. There are certain fundamental basics and wardrobe staples that you should keep, because they’ll always be wearable, and they won’t go out of fashion. Below are 6 outfits that you should keep in your closet at all times:

1. Little Black Dress

That little black dress (LBD) that fits you perfectly should always remain in your closet. If it doesn’t fit you perfectly, get rid of it, but if it’s flattering and in good condition you should definitely keep it in your wardrobe. A black cocktail dress will never go out of style, and you can wear it again and again, switching up your accessories according to the occasion. A plain black dress can be dressed up or dressed down, making it a versatile wardrobe essential. Your best bet is to have a long-sleeved black dress for colder months, and a sleeveless black dress for warmer months.

2. Jeans and a White T-Shirt

The jeans and white t-shirt combo is another outfit that never goes out of style. Although the style of jeans might vary from year to year (from skinny ripped jeans to high-waisted classic jeans) the white t-shirt required to complete this outfit will always be a plain white t-shirt. Anvil is a brand that has been making plain t-shirts (without patterns or logos) for over 100 years. Their white t-shirts are made with super soft organic cotton, and you can buy these t-shirts online at very low wholesale prices. The Anvil wholesale clothing that is available online includes a huge variety of colors and styles, including various styles of the classic white t-shirt such as v-neck, crew-neck, etc. Once you find the perfect white tee in the softest material, with a neckline that flatters your body type, buy at least three of them. White tees go with everything and they’re always in style.

3. Animal Print Sweater with Black Leggings

Animal print, especially leopard print, is always in style. You can’t go wrong with a cute animal print sweater paired with plain black leggings. The animal print style will be forever chic and always fashionable. Your best bet is not to overdo it, so don’t wear more than one animal print item at a time. If you wear animal print, the rest of your outfit should be plain and basic, which is why the look of an animal print sweater over black leggings will always be safe.

4. Striped Top with High-Waisted Skirt

A top with a horizontal stripes pattern paired with a high-waisted skirt is a look that will always look fashionable. Stick to navy blue and white stripes, or black and white stripes. For the skirt, a staple would be a high-waisted black skirt. When you combine the striped top with the high-waisted black skirt, you’ll instantly look feminine and stylish.

5. Canadian Tuxedo

The perfect jean jacket is a wardrobe staple, and pairing that jean jacket with a denim skirt or jeans is what we call the Canadian Tuxedo. Denim-on-denim is fashionable and probably always will be. Even if denim-on-denim goes out of style, the jean jacket itself and the jeans themselves will still be in fashion on their own. That’s why these remain items everyone should keep in their wardrobe. We see the Canadian Tuxedo everywhere, and fashionistas are constantly coming up with ways to reinvent the look. One thing that is always a must throughout all of the variations of the look, however, is that perfectly chic jean jacket.

6. Beige Trench Coat with Anything

The long beige trench coat will always be in style, and it can be worn over just about anything. It’s the perfect thing to throw on when you’re running to the store and you don’t want to be caught in public with the stained top you have on underneath. You’re not wasting your money if you invest in a quality trench coat. You’ll always look classy with a trench coat on, and that’s why it should always remain in your closet.