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6 Obvious Signs That Your Child Needs a Doctor

A child being sick is a terrible thing for every parent. Luckily, most of the problems can be avoided if the symptoms are recognized in time.

Here are the 6 signs that indicate your child’s poor health:

1. Hair Loss

Hair loss can be mainly caused by lack of vitamins. See a doctor that can tell you what vitamins your child needs.

2. Moles Growth

If the mole is asymmetric, it’s starting to grow or changing its color make a doctor appointment immediately.

3. Increase in Head Size

Baby’s fontanelle will eventually close, but it should not grow bigger. If you notice it’s getting bigger, rush to the doctor because it might indicate an illness.

4. Constant Thirst

If your child is constantly drinking liquids and seems like he’s continuously thirsty, see a doctor because it might indicate an illness.

5. Decreased Hearing

If your child doesn’t respond when you call him, or doesn’t react to requests, he might be suffering from hearing loss. See a doctor.

6. Loud Snoring

Loud snoring can be an indication of breathing problems. Don’t ignore these symptoms because it might be an infection.