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6 More Ways To Save Cash On Beauty Products

How beautiful you feel does not depend on how much money you have, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t have fun using your favorite makeup and beauty products to feel your best. Nowadays it isn’t necessary to spend a small fortune on your bath and body products. With a ton of ways to save money, you can have your choice of beauty retail items and spend less. The growth of online retailers has made this much easier but many beauty tips apply to in-store products as well. Follow along to discover both new ways to save money on your beauty stash and some great tried and true tips for savings success.

1. Get Cash Back on Online Purchases

Using Ebates.com to receive cash back on your online purchases is a great way to save on your favorite beauty products. Ebates will give you back a percentage of what you spend at designated outlets, and send you a check! Websites included in the Ebates program includes Sephora, Ulta, Clinique, Origins, Yves Rocher, Giorgio Armani Beauty and dozens more. You can also pair Ebates with Groupon coupons for awesome savings!

Another way to save online is to sign up for newsletters and memberships in order to receive secret sales and generous 15-20% off coupons for new members. Most brands want to encourage new customers to buy straightaway, so take advantage of the savings opportunities. Another cool trick? Leave your purchase in the cart overnight and the company might just extend you another coupon to ensure you complete your order.

2. Use Coupons to Maximize Savings

You might not be a regular couponer, but if you’re into beauty products you have no excuse not to visit couponing sites in order to save extra money on both the products you love and the ones you’ve been dying to try. For example, at MySavings.com you can look under the “Beauty & Makeup” coupon category to find coupons and find significant savings on products such as face wash, hair color, razors, face masks, lotions, and a variety of makeup brands. It is super convenient to print out the coupons at home, come up with a shopping plan and then head out to save cash!

3. Put Products to the Test before Buying Full-Size

So there’s a specific beauty product you’ve heard good things about and you’ve really wanted to give a try? Before buying a full-sized version of the product, try to find a smaller sample size so you can test it out before putting down serious cash. Use MySavings.com to browse which brands are offering free samples or freebies of products you’d like to try. You can find samples of stuff like CoverGirl brow pencils, mascara, foundation, and makeup wipes.

Another great strategy? Use your freebies and samples as travel supplies. Instead of travelling with more expensive full-sized product, you can both save money and bring along your best products on your next vacation.

4. Take Advantage of Big Sale Days Each Year

Who doesn’t love an awesome Black Friday sale? Or how discounted everything is after another major holiday, like Christmas or New Year? Plan a little jaunt to the store the day after Christmas, Thanksgiving, or New Years to find the best brands best sales. Or shop online to discover similar sales.

It also pays to remember when your favorite retailers offer their best sales. For example, beauty retailers tend to have their biggest sales in the summer. Take note of the timing of annual and semi-annual sales. Sometimes you can find great stuff for 50-75% off, especially when you pair them with coupons from savings sites like MySavings.com!

5. Amazon Beauty

If you’re already an Amazon Prime member (and if you’re not, get to it already!) you can take advantage of their free two-day shipping and multiple coupons offers. You can find beauty supplies and then just click on the “clip coupon” button to apply the savings. If you use certain products consistently, it is also worth purchasing them through Amazon’s subscription service, which offers serious savings and regular shipment on beauty and health products.

6. Budget Your Beauty

Hey girl, you don’t need to be wealthy to be beautiful. But it helps to save money to budget out your favorite beauty products. Splurge on the ones that make you happy and do a bit of research to find savings on all the rest. Then use the other savings tips to get the good stuff a little cheaper. It’s worth a trip every once in a while to your local dollar store—they sometimes carry brand name options in nail polish, eye makeup and the like. And instead of experimenting with different makeup techniques and styles using your more expensive products, have fun experimenting with the dollar store stuff on the cheap.

A little research, planning and forethought can save you tons of cash on beauty products. Combine the above tips to maximize savings and find the best deals on the beauty products you love! Shopping smart and looking great go hand in hand.