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6 Innovative Ways to Add Value to Your Home in Melbourne

Your residential property is a major investment and keeping its value is essential if you want to capitalise on it when you decide to sell one day. Adding value to your home also means you’re improving your lifestyle with additional features that enhance your house’s living conditions. Luckily, finding innovative ways to upgrade your home while improving its value and comfort is possible and easier than you think.

Such upgrades to your home could be as simple as installing outdoor blinds Melbourne homeowners are installing in their entertainment areas. Or, you could opt for skylights to bring in more natural lighting. Whatever takes your fancy, when looking for simple but innovative ways to adding value and comfort to your home, we’ve got some great ideas.

1. All-Weather Outdoor Blinds

Living in a country such as Australia means homeowners face all weather conditions that range from hot summer days to crisper, cooler winter months. If you enjoy spending time in your outdoor entertainment area, you know it can be influenced by the weather of the day! Installing all-weather outdoor blinds could solve a whole lot of problems for you all in one go!

High-quality outdoor blinds are a functional and stylish investment that increases the value of your home while protecting your entertainment area from harsh weather. By installing these outdoor blinds, you can enjoy your home come sun, rain, wind or bugs! And your outdoor space gets an instant aesthetic uplift that’ll impress your friends and family too!

2. Install Energy Efficient Features

If you’re an eco-conscious homeowner, consider installing energy efficient features. Switching over to solar power to generate electricity in your home is a smart way to be energy-efficient. And you’ll be joining over 2.96 million home and business owners in Australia who have installed solar PV as a solution to renewable energy.

Energy-efficient climate control systems are also a great way of adding value to your home while keeping you cool in summer and warm in winter. They also help to improve the indoor air quality of your home. These systems are cost-effective in the long run, saving you money on your energy bills. By installing energy-efficient features, your eco-friendly home’s resale value will increase too. Buyers appreciate investing in homes with features they don’t have to install themselves.

3. Improve Kitchen and Bathroom Finishes

One of the most innovative and simple ways to instantly add value to your home is by upgrading your kitchen and bathrooms. Consider remodelling your bathroom with the following:

  • Replacing old plumbing with a new toilet and shower features
  • Updating the floor with modern tiles
  • Installing new lighting fixtures

Kitchens can be instantly transformed with new marble countertops, tile floors and modern appliances such as a gas stove. Replacing the old sink with a new one while installing stylish lighting fixtures will also add value in no time at all. Old kitchens can also benefit by replacing the outdated cabinets with modern designs.

4. Upgrade the Floors

If your home is carpeted throughout you may want to consider changing the floors. With so many different flooring options available on the market, you’ll have a variety to pick from when replacing carpets. You can also pick different floor covers for each room depending on your personal preference.

Engineered hardwood flooring is a popular choice among many homeowners as they instantly spruce up your home. This type of flooring improves your resale value while also being easy to clean and maintain. Tile floors are another way of upgrading your home without having to do any major structural changes.

5. Skylights for Natural Lighting

Installing skylights is an innovative way of bringing natural lighting into your home without having to knock down any walls to add more windows. Skylights can also be cost-effective, saving you from paying high energy bills. By installing skylights, you’re also turning your house into a sustainable home since there’s less need for artificial lighting.

Modern designs mean you can install skylights into your home without them distracting from your indoor décor. You can pick tubular skylights if you want to reduce heat loss in the home or stick with the conventional design if you’re only looking for more natural lighting inside.

6. Create a Beautiful Garden

Keeping your garden in good nick is another way of increasing the value of your home. Consider using a garden service every week to keep your outdoor area looking neat and tidy. If you don’t have naturally green fingers, you can still keep your garden beautiful by landscaping it and planting native plants that don’t need a lot of attention.

Consider planting drought-resistance plants to keep watering to a minimum and maintain your lawn with regular mowing and fertilising. You can also plant trees for more shade while naturally improving the aesthetic appeal of your residential property.

Final Thoughts

Adding value to your home is simple when you start exploring the innovative ways other homeowners are doing it. The beauty of upgrading your home means you’re protecting an investment, ensuring it has an improved resale value while also giving you a comfortable lifestyle. A few changes with short AND long term value!