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6 Grocery Shopping Tips To Save Money

Shopping in a grocery store has a way of making us go broke. You walk in with a list of a few items, only to leave with an empty wallet. Obviously, it’s easy to pace up and down the grocery store and top up your basket with unnecessary items.  Maybe it’s the whole setup, fluorescent lighting, and flashy items at checkout – strategically placed to empty our wallets. And still, we all have to eat, there’s really no escape because buying groceries is still the economic way to get fed. Fortunately, there is a way out. Here are some expert shopping tips that can help you slash your grocery costs.

Make A Grocery List

Before setting out to the store, do an inventory of items that you really need. Take stock of all you have and itemize what you can skip buying.

Your grocery list should contain the ingredients that you need to make healthy meals and snacks.  Remember, planning ahead will ensure that you don’t get in a panic and buy on impulse an only to get home and discover you’ve already got it.

Get The Best Price

Many food items go on sale regularly. Be on the lookout for these items and seize your opportunity. Moreover, it is a smart move to compare prices from various stores before making an order. Some mobile apps are well suited to monitor the price range of food items so that you’ll be able to know when they are cheapest. In addition, visit coupon sites to easily see what coupons are currently available in your locality. Print them and go do some shopping.

Shop For Groceries Online

One time when laziness pays off is buying your grocery goods online. There is no better option for price comparisons when looking up items than visiting an online grocery store. Moreover, the cost of traveling to a physical store will be eliminated and most of the issues arising from impulse buying are non-existence for online shoppers. If you are a woman having a day job, shopping groceries on mercato.com can save you both time and money.  

Buy Veggies And Fruits In Right Seasons

Generally, vegetables and fruit are more affordable and taste fresher when they are in season.  Even better, buy ripe fruits that you can consume within a few days. The unripe ones can stay longer but they come at an extra cost.

Also, visit your local farmers’ market to find food items in season and for great deals on local produce.

Buy In Bulk

If you want to save money, buy in bulk. The more, the better.

Purchase a large number of non-perishables and frozen items at wholesale price, then stock them in the freezer. Also, perhaps fresh is out of season or more expensive, frozen or canned vegetables and fruits are much cheaper and can be stored over a period of time. With canned foods, you don’t have to consume at once. It is possible to reseal the package and return it to the freezer.

Shop Alone

You’ve got to leave the over-spenders at home and it would be quite surprising how much cash stays in your pocket! Many times, the kids are the usual culprit. They will often want you to buy stuff that you don’t need, and it is pretty difficult to say no.  Leaving them at home helps you to focus on your list without having any compulsions to buy extra things you don’t need.

And it’s not just kids… significant others are equally guilty.

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